Here are 15 Totally Adorable Versions of Your Favorite Characters

Artist Steph Lew creates cute representations of your favorite characters from across pop culture.

Star Trek, Star Wars — doesn’t matter! Everything’s fair game when it comes to the adorable artistry of Steph Lew. Her cuties draw on the whole pantheon of pop culture, and better yet, they’re all available as high-quality prints! If there’s a hole in your array of living room art (and there’s always one!), we’ll help you start browsing.

If you love what you see, be sure to check out Steph on her website, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter — she’s got plenty more than what you’ll see here! From San Francisco, Steph graduated from San Jose State University with a BFA in Animation and Illustration. Since then, she has worked at game companies like Zynga, Disney Interactive, and EA. Right now, she’s a freelance illustrator — but if she’s not drawing, she’s probably taking care of her shih tzu, Mango!

The Little Mermaid

Steph Lew/Etsy

This is what you wish you’d see every time you go snorkeling.

Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy

Steph Lew/Etsy

These are faces even Batman could love! Well, before they start making trouble, anyway.


Steph Lew/Etsy

Don’t let the looks fool you — this is still pretty far from easy mode!

Jasmine and Rajah

Steph Lew/Etsy

As if this scene wasn’t cute enough as it was! This might be the cuddliest a tiger is ever going to look, though.

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