Hello Kitty Somehow Just Made Bath Time Even Better

Fragrant Jewels has delivered some big time goods in Hello Kitty bath bombs and candles.

Baths are already pretty high on the list of life’s pleasures, so it’s no mean feat to manage to improve on them. We’d say Fragrant Jewels has pulled it off. Not only are they sweetening up bath time with Hello Kitty bath bombs and candles, they’re promising a surprise with each purchase.

Fragrant Jewels is part of a longstanding tradition of putting surprise rings inside of their creations. Usually you get a pretty good ring with the chance to get a ring worth thousands of dollars, and things are no different with this Hello Kitty collection. Inside of each Kitty-shaped bath bomb or Kitty candle is one of ten rings, with everyone having the possibility of winning a ring valued at $10,000.

The regular rings are studded with cubic zirconia stones and valued at $30 each — not super valuable, but they still look pretty cute!

We do have an issue with the scents, though. The candles mix in guava, cassis, and a handful of floral and woodsy scents. We’re sure it smells great, but we’re not sure how you can make a Hello Kitty aroma without getting apple in there somewhere!

Fragrant Jewels is selling a set of three Hello Kitty bath bombs and a set with a bath bomb and a candle for $43 each. It’s possible to specify your ring size before ordering, too, so you won’t get Hello Kitty bling that you can’t show off.