Nomad Has Come Out with the Only USB-C Cable You’ll Ever Need

This USB Type-C to USB Type-C cable is tough and can charge any device quick.

Nomad has made some of our favorite iPhone cases, but they’re no stranger to charging cables and accessories, either. They’ve been known to bring some of their rugged builds to charging cables to prevent fraying over time — ideally ensuring you only need to buy one charging cable, ever! Later this month, they’ll be bringing that rugged build to the USB Type-C cable that could be your one and only charging cable for more than one reason.

Nomad’s new USB Type-C-to-USB Type-C charging cable is capable of ferrying along 100 watts of power, ensuring that it can charge devices as quickly as they can be potentially charged. If you’ve ever used a third-party cable with your phone all to realize that you’re not getting the quick charging you used to enjoy, this cable should solve that problem (although not necessarily with every device).

It’s not meant just for smartphones, either. In fact, it’s probably meant less for smartphones than it is for the infamously USB Type-C-only MacBook — Nomad has been known more for their Apple accessories, after all. It’s certainly long enough to be a proper MacBook charging cable at 1.5 meters long. But, if you want to use it with other devices, no problem — the cable ships with regular USB Type-A and Micro USB tips, suiting Bluetooth accessories and older Android smartphones.

Nomad has been working on rugged cables for a while now, and they think they’ve nailed down their best cable yet here. The exterior of the cable is covered in braided ballistic nylon, which should prevent the most common problem of fraying at the cable’s flex points, right beneath the connectors on either side. A moisture barrier should prevent the cable from damage when it humid environments, too. Nomad has also accounted for cable management, including a silicone cable tie to keep everything tidy when in use or on the go.

Nomad expects their rugged USB Type-C-to-USB Type-C charging cable to become available later this month for $30, and they’re guaranteeing the cable for five years of use — by which time, Apple will probably have moved on to a new charging standard!

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