Uber’s Bad Year Just Got Worse Thanks to a Hacking Cover-up

Coming into 2017, Uber was an unstoppable juggernaut that looked poised to dominate ride-hailing today and maybe even autonomous driving tomorrow. Well, 2017 is almost over, and while Uber hasn’t run out of gas, it’s had quite a few holes punched in the tank. Let’s add one more!

Today, news broke that Uber covered up a massive data breach last year while paying hackers $100,000 as a ransom. Bloomberg is reporting that the breach involved the names, email addresses, and phone numbers of 50 million riders and 7 million drivers, with 600,000 of those drivers also having their driver’s license numbers compromised.

The company is admitting fault today under new CEO Dana Khosrowshahi. It’s been confirmed that former CEO Travis Kalanick did know about the breach and the cover-up. Companies are required to disclose such data breaches to regulators so that the public can be made aware, something Uber failed to do until now.

Add it to the pile. This year has seen a staggering number of stories of nastiness and tumult inside the budding transportation giant — it’s been hard to keep track. Let’s recap!

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