Disney Princesses Find Their Perfect Eevee Matches in this Crossover Art Series

What are the spirit animals of Disney princesses? Now we know! Fan artist Eric Proctor, who did that great series of Grumpy Cat invading Disney movies, has also done a whole series of Disney princesses pairing up with the most adorable Pokémon — the Eeveelutions! Proctor worked with fellow DeviantArt user Flying-Fox to make the series — and seeing as how pretty much every Disney princess and Eeveelution matches up with an element, it works pretty well! See what you think, then head over to Proctor’s DeviantArt page and Flying-Fox‘s DeviantArt page to check out more of their work!


Jasmine takes a night cruise with the dark Eevee, Umbreon!


Flareon is a lot less imposing of a fire being than Te Kā, but he works!

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