Monster Mom: This Mom Beat Her 4 Year Old To Death On His Birthday & The Details Of What She Did Will Infuriate You

Moms are supposed to love their children.

Moms are supposed to take care of their children and not let any harm come to them.

The Mom in this story is not worthy of the title Mom.

This Mom beat her 4 year old to death on his birthday, and the details will absolutely infuriate you.

Please prepare yourself before reading further, because the details of this story are absolutely tragic.

Cook County Sheriff’s Office

This is Crystal Valdez. She’s a 34 year old Mom living in Chicago with her family.

She had a 4 year old son Christopher, and several other children of various ages as well.

She just earned herself 35 years in prison for what she did to 4 year old Christopher.


“You don’t deserve the title of mother,” her brother, Joseph Valdez, said to her later in court.

“You’re a monster.” He shook with emotion as he confronted her with this statement.

“She didn’t care about that boy at all,” the judge said about Crystal.

You won’t believe what this monster of a Mom did to her son


Joseph and his wife, Katrine Valdez, were the ones that found Christopher.

Joseph and Katrine received troubled details from a neighbor about what was happening to the child in Crystal’s home. The neighbor was very upset for his safety.

They immediately went to go check on Christopher.

There were so many signs leading up to Christopher’s death that his Mom was a monster


The worst part about all of this is that there were so many signs leading up to Christopher’s death that his Mom was a monster.

Some of his family members realized he had a black eye when he showed up at a family baby shower party.

Crystal had tried to poorly cover the black eye up with makeup.

A neighbor witnessed Crystal slap Christopher right across his tiny little face.

That’s not even all of it though….

Christopher landed in the hospital the summer before he died. He had a huge bump on his head and he was completely covered in bruises all over his little body.

His Mom just explained to a nurse they were mosquito bites.

Crystal had even been CONVICTED of misdemeanor domestic battery after the hospital visit the following fall, and told a police officer that she hit Christopher.

How was Crystal still allowed to have custody of Christopher after all of these terrible things she did to him?!


The Illinois Department of Children and Family Services simply concluded the abuse against Christopher was “unfounded.”

Crystal didn’t go to jail for what she did leading up to his tragic death.

Crystal didn’t have Christopher removed from her care.

Crystal didn’t have her other children taken away from her.

A month after she was convicted of domestic battery, she just killed Christopher

On the day of Christopher’s 4th birthday, Joseph and Katrine arrived at Crystal’s house after their neighbor told them disturbing details of what Crystal was doing to Christopher.

When they arrived, they found him dead in his bedroom.

That’s right, this monster Mom killed her own poor little son on his birthday.

Cook County Sheriff’s Office

Crystal wrapped him in a blanket, and there were bruises all over him.

“I laid him on his back…And I said, “What did you do? What did you do?”

Katrine recounted the chilling details in her testimony.

“I killed him, my Christopher.” Crystal screamed in the background of the 911 call that was placed.

How could a Mom do this? It’s heartbreaking & unbelievable.

Cook County Sheriff’s Office

Pictured above is Crystal’s boyfriend. Her defense team blamed the death of Christopher on him and he got 75 years in prison. Crystal got 35 years.

This Mom, A Former Tennis Star, Had Her Children Murdered & This Baby Was Put On Life Support & Her Abusive Young Mom Was Allowed To Visit Her Anyway


Stephanie Reece and her husband, Michael Hunn, seemed to have a fairytale romance. He worked for a company that creates interactive exhibits, and she continued to live out her tennis dreams.

In college, Stephanie was a five-time American athlete.

After college, she decided to join the professional tennis circuit. During the 90’s she competed at Wimbledon and the US Open. At one point she was even ranked 79th in the world.

This Mom just seemed to have it all.



In the coming years, Stephanie wold take a new job at Zionsville School as a tennis coach. Her and Michael, welcomed two beautiful children during their marriage – Harrison, and Shelby.

Like their very athletic Mom, both children were shaping up to become great tennis players. Aside from that, their peers would describe them as the “nicest kids you would ever meet”, reports the New York Post.

However, soon things began to go wrong within their parents’ marriage.



After 17 years of marriage, the couple decided to divorce. In November of 2017, they began the proceedings. They would continue to parent together and share custody of Harrison and Shelby.

The children would have scheduled weekly visits at their dad’s home. Yet, Harrison and Shelby grew concerned about their father and his well-being.

Things began to take a very dark turn, for the worse.

Harrison and Shelby confided in their grandmother about their father. They explained to her that his excessive drinking was a problem.

Stephanie later learned of these concerns and decided to take action. In December, she filed a document that shared the children’s concerns.

According to court documents filed by Stephanie this past December, Michael’s alcohol abuse was so severe and problematic it made him unable to actually care for their children.

Additionally, the court documents stated he couldn’t even drive them anywhere he was so drunk all the time.

What a terrible thing for children to have to witness, and for a Mom to have to somehow deal with.



By April, it was decided by the court that Michael would have to use a breathalyzer for three months. This would be used whenever he was getting into a vehicle.

He was additionally ordered to pay Stephanie child support on a weekly basis, the court documents reflect.

Nevertheless, issues were still coming up with Michael.

His own lawyer quit on him recently, citing “irretrievable breakdown in communication.” He was completely failing and falling apart as a father.

Things continued to quickly spiral out of control, or reason.



Stephanie again, had to file a motion against him. This time it was due to his failure to pay weekly child support, in addition to other expenses.

He was completely failing to help provide or take care of his own children in any way, shape, or form.

Poor Stephanie, a Mom having to pick up all the pieces all by herself.

A court date was set for September 27 in order to address Michael’s failures once and for all.

This court date however, was one that would never solve anything…



Harrison and Shelby both attended the school that Stephanie worked at as a tennis coach.

She always knew when the children were in school, even if they had been at Michael’s the night prior.

By 9:35 a.m. on a September morning, neither of Stephanie’s children had shown up for school.

School officials tried to locate both of the children but, had no luck.

At 10:35 a.m. Stephanie called the Boone County Sheriff’s Office, frantic because her children would never do something like this.

What happened to this Mom’s children? Why weren’t they answering her, and why were they nowhere to be found?


Indy Star

Authorities shared that they received a call from a “concerned mother, stating that she did not have any contact with her two children since late last night.”

Stephanie had not seen or heard from her children in hours. Any Mom would be distraught over this.

On top of Shelby and Harrison failing to answer the texts and calls from their Mom, they also did not answer the door to their father’s house when Stephanie knocked on it.

This is when she gave police the address of Michael’s home. Upon arriving authorities made a shocking, gruesome, and truly heartbreaking discovery.

Indy Star

Indy Star

Inside of the rural home on County Road 900 East, authorities found Harrison and Shelby.

Both were in their bedrooms, and had been shot and killed by their father.

Upon further investigation, they located Michael who had a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Authorities revealed they have “no discovered a motive at this time.” There was no history of Michael being violent or threatening to harm his own children.

Authorities just can’t figure out right now why on earth he did such a disgusting thing.

Friends of Harrison and Shelby have created tributes for their lost friends one sharing “two amazing people got to meet Jesus today.

Life is so precious. Nothing but love and prayers for the Hunn family.”

There is a GoFundMe set up for Stephanie that reads:

“Our dear friend Stephanie Reece has suffered an unspeakable tragedy. She loved her children, Harrison and Shelby Hunn, with all her heart. Stephanie was the most dedicated and loving mother, and wanted the world for them.  Stephanie is going to be faced with many expenses during the next several months.  While we will never be able to bring her babies back, we would like to surround her with our love and support to help ease as much stress as possible.”


Next, This Baby Was Put On Life Support & Her Abusive Young Mom Was Allowed To Visit Her Anyway


This is Dinah Paige Whited. She was a precious little girl who didn’t even have a chance to make it to six months old.

This little girl’s life was cut far too short, in part due to her abusive young Mom. What her Mom did to her is so infuriating and inexcusable.

There are so many Moms out there who so desperately want a child and can’t have one of their own, it’s truly tragic that Dinah was not born to a Mom like that who would value her and love her.

Dinah’s young Mom is a complete monster and here’s why

Walton County Sheriff’s Office

This is Dinah’s Mom. Her name is Jamie Cason Whited. She was young when she had her, and Dinah wasn’t her only child.

They all lived together with Dinah’s biological father, Justin Whited, who Jamie had been with since she was just a teenager.

Their home was located about an hour outside of Atlanta to the East in a town called Monroe. It was a really impoverished area with low income families.

A lot of old, beat up houses lined their street, with overgrown, cramped yards.

Dinah and her Mom lived in an old, worn down yellow house.

Their neighbors had nothing bad to say about them; they appeared to be a happy young family, even if they didn’t have any money to their name.


They say money can’t buy you happiness, and this young Mom and her little family seemed to be the shining example of this saying.

One of their neighbors specifically said she never witnessed the couple argue or fight at all in all the months she resided in the neighborhood.

Neighbors also said the two just seemed like all around good, young people.

They saw them play with their older toddler outside. They roasted marshmallows around a fire pit. They seemed to be enjoying their life. They certainly didn’t bother anyone around them.

Jamie’s Mom tells a much different, far darker story though and this is where things start to go really wrong…


Jamie’s Mom, Paige Cason-Barrett, says that after Dinah’s birth in February, this young Mom started abusing substances. Particularly, drugs.

Justin was abusing them too, and the couple mostly turned towards prescription pain killers.

Jamie’s Mom says that she actually has a prior history with drug abuse and has done this before.

Shockingly enough, Jamie had abused methamphetamine and was actually on probation for this reason.

Justin started getting abusive and aggressive; he even punched right through a wall in their home when he slammed Jamie up against it while she was pregnant with Dinah.

Jamie hung a poster up over the hole to keep it covered up from visitors.

Justin also started getting increasingly controlling and wouldn’t let this young Mom talk to anyone.


Paige Carson-Barrett, Dinah’s maternal grandmother, cradles her in the photo above while in the pediatric intensive care unit.

What led up to this? On April 23rd, Justin called 911 about Dinah being in trouble.

When police officers arrived at his house just outside of Atlanta, Georgia, he was giving Dinah CPR on the floor of the kitchen.

Officers later remarked that he and Jamie appeared way too calm.

Most Moms and Dads would be absolutely distraught over their child not breathing and just lying on their kitchen floor, but not these young parents.


Did the police suspect abuse?


One of the officers on the scene reported that, “As I was talking with Justin and Jamie Whited, I was a little puzzled that they weren’t showing any emotions.”

He continued to state, “Mr. Whited appeared to be calm and collected and Ms. Whited had been standing in the doorway, emotionless.”

Yet, both of Dinah’s parents swore that they had never abused their child.

Justin told officers that Dinah was just crying uncontrollably when he woke up from a nap, and she couldn’t even breathe she was crying so hard.

He watched her do this for a bit, and then Dinah started turning completely blue, he told officers.

She started gasping to breathe, and he then decided to call 911.

This is really far from the truth though…


Dinah was rushed to the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Eagleston’s pediatric intensive care unit.

There, doctors discovered this poor little baby suffered multiple broken bones to her collarbone and ribs, as well as severe bleeding in her brain.

Clearly, this doesn’t just happen to a baby that’s barely six months old. Someone had to have done this to her.

Police interviewed Jamie. Court records state that she admitted that she had been using drugs the day Dinah got taken to the local hospital.

That doesn’t explain what atrocious things happened to poor Dinah, and how she got such disgustingly severe injuries…


Jamie then admitted to officers that Dinah frequently had bruises all over face. She also had black eyes for the abuse she endured. Jamie said she maybe felt like taking her to see a doctor, but she was afraid CPS would get involved and take her child.

Jamie still maintained her innocence and said she never abused her child. Yeah, right, Dinah’s disgusting injuries spoke otherwise.

Police quickly charged Dinah’s parents and incarcerated both of them.

Justin, her 23 year old father, was charged with aggravated battery and her 24 year old mother, Jamie, was charged with cruelty to children. Only if Dinah died would they be charged with murder.

“The doctors [have] made several attempts by conference calls to the father in jail to explain this baby will never live a normal life,” A family friend, Susan Ronnie Ogle posted on a GoFundMe page that has since been taken down, “She will never walk, talk, or play. She has no quality of life.”

Arguably, the most heartbreaking and infuriating part of this story is still coming up…

Walton County Sheriff’s Office

Dinah was on life support for three months following the call to 911 her father Justin placed. This poor baby was hooked up to tons of tubes.

Her maternal grandmother came to visit her constantly. Her Mom was in jail while she lay in a hospital bed, brain dead. She couldn’t even breathe on her own and needed a ventilator to help her little body cling to life.

This poor little girl endured such horrific things in her short life. Justin refused to sign the papers taking Dinah off life support, because he selfishly didn’t want to be charged with murder. This story caused a media frenzy and stirred up a lot of questions about how ethical this was for a parent to do.

Walton County Juvenile Court Judge, David Dickinson, granted Dinah’s parents permission to visit her while she was on life support.

What?! Why would a judge let these disgusting excuses for parents out of jail to visit a child they had PUT on life support for abusing her?!


At the time, neither Jamie nor Justin had been actually convicted of abusing this poor little girl, so that is why the judge decided to let them visit her while in the hospital.

Sadly, poor baby Dinah Paige was taken off life support by her parents. Yes, the same people that put her in this position made the decision to take her off this. They were given 30 minutes to say goodbye to her. After she passed away, both her parents were charged with felony murder.

Police said, “The brutal injuries that Dinah suffered over time, along with the lack of medical attention, ultimately lead to her death.”


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