The Net Worth Of The Teen Mom Cast Members, In Case You Were Wondering

16 & Pregnant started it all, and it was the show we have to thank for Teen Mom. Teen Mom started way back in 2009, which is 10 years ago already after 16 & Pregnant was finished airing. It still feels like just yesterday we were getting to know these teenagers with unplanned pregnancies.

Catelynn Lowell, Farrah Abraham, Amber Portwood, and Maci Bookout were the first original Teen Mom stars to hit the reality TV stage. Since then, a lot more moms have joined the cast and shared their journeys with fans.

We’re sure none of the moms 10 years ago ever would have thought that being open with their lives and experiences would turn them into such successes, and yet it has. Here’s the net worth of the Teen Mom cast members, in case you were wondering!

Instagram; Teen Mom star Catelynn recently posted this throwback photo of her and Tyler when they were on 16 & Pregnant, back when they were teenage parents trying to handle an unplanned pregnancy together

Catelynn is our first mom up, and one of the original cast members. Although Catelynn and her boyfriend at the time (now husband) Tyler decided to give their daughter Carley up for adoption, they stayed together and went on two have two girls that they did keep; Novalee and Vaeda.

Catelynn is definitely a Teen Mom success story. She married her teenage love, has two beautiful daughters, has an open adoption with Carley’s parents so gets to see her too, and has started her own business called Tierra Reign.

Instagram; the current cast of Teen Mom poses for a photo together while in New York City in the photo above

With the money they have earned from their time spent on the show, Catelynn and her husband Tyler Baltierra have been able to renovate their dream farmhouse in Michigan, buy fancy new cars, and even help pay for rehab for some of their family members, such as Tyler’s dad Butch.

Aside from starring on Teen Mom, the two have also appeared on the show Couples Therapy. 

Reportedly, Catelynn makes anywhere from $300,000 to $400,000 dollars per season of Teen Mom that she films. Tyler gets paid less than Catelynn does…earning about $15,000 per episode. Combined, the couple is probably making about $500,000 dollars together still starring in the show.

Aside from owning her own online business, Catelynn has written a book called “Conquering Chaos.” She also definitely gets advertising and endorsement deals.

Combined with her husband Tyler, it’s reported that Catelynn is worth approximately $1.5 million dollars.

Instagram; Catelynn and Tyler smile and snap a selfie together in the above photo

Our next mom is Amber Portwood, and she’s also one of the OGs. Amber has managed to do well for herself all on her own, as she doesn’t have the same support system that Catelynn has from her husband.

Amber got pregnant with Leah and then split with her boyfriend Gary after spending five years with him. Gary and Amber at this point have not been together for a while, and since then Amber has really dealt with a lot of drama from the men in her life.

After Gary, Amber started getting serious with Matt Baier. In the three years the two spent together, there was just no shortage of drama.

It came out that Matt was facing legal issues due to not paying child support. It turned out that Amber didn’t even know about some of his biological children. Ouch.

Instagram; Amber Portwood is pictured above with her fellow Teen Mom cast members Catelynn and Kailyn

After that, Amber accused Matt of stealing about $100,000 dollars from her. That’s a heck of a lot of money!

Even though Matt was able to steal so much from her, Amber’s net worth is still pretty sky high.

Well, Amber has a new man, Andrew Glennon, and a new baby too named James. She has also been able to find success with a book she wrote called “Never Too Late”  and she also launched her own online boutique called Forever Haute.

Instagram; Amber snaps a photo of her adorable son James sitting in the parking lot at the beach in the above photo

Amber also makes about $280,000 dollars a year filming Teen Mom, which is something she had to reveal after she was arrested for domestic violence not that long ago. She also makes money off of advertisement and endorsement deals.

Instagram; Amber smiles for a selfie while in her car in the above photo

All in all, Amber is worth about $1.5 million dollars.

Maci Bookout is another one of the original teenage moms to appear in Teen Mom. This OG definitely has done well for herself over the years and has come a long way.

Maci first joined the cast because she wanted to inspire other teen moms. She says, “I really just wanted to show girls how hard it was to be a teen parent. I wanted girls who might get pregnant to see there are options out there to move forward with your life and still have goals.”

Maci has gone on to write several books about her life and experience such as I Wasn’t Born Bulletproof: Lessons I’ve Learned” and “Bulletproof.”

Instagram; Maci is pictured above with her husband Taylor at an event

Maci also owns her own radio show and she started a clothing company with her now husband Taylor, called Things That Matter (TTM). She also does motivational speaking and appears at events around the country.

Maci has really embraced being a reality TV star, and she has appeared in other shows such as Naked & Afraid, although Maci admits she quit that show pretty quickly. Don’t blame you Maci. That definitely does not sound like a good time!

Instagram; Maci and Taylor are pictured above sponsoring a charity golf event with their clothing company

All in all, Maci is worth about $3 million dollars for all her hard work.

Farrah Abraham is the last of our original Teen Mom cast members. It’s no secret that this mom is no longer a part of the hit MTV show, but she does owe her fame to this show for sure.

This controversial mom was making about $30,000 per episode she filmed of Teen Mom prior to being let go. After being fired, Farrah quickly took to Facebook to make a statement.

Farrah said, “Even though #Viacom fired me today they couldn’t help but to exploit myself & my daughter for their promotional gain- Viacom let me go because as a Business Mogul I act like an adult and part take in adult promotions and activities that other adults do for FREE or in private!”

Viacom is MTV’s parent company, and before she was ultimately taken off Teen Mom there was an episode where she was caught in a heated argument with them when they asked if she was engaging in adult entertainment.

This ended up being the reason she is no longer part of the cast, but Farrah still maintains that she was “the biggest talent on the show.”

Instagram; Farrah and her daughter Sophia are pictured above at the Kids Choice Awards

Honestly, we don’t really miss her. Teen Mom is arguably better sans Farrah. Anyway, aside from making money off this show and through adult entertainment, Farrah has other sources of income.

She does appearances and participates in promotions.

Instagram; Farrah and Sophia smile in the above photo in front of a flower wall

Along with her mom, Farrah has launched a food company called Mom and Me, which sells Italian pepper sauce, mustard, wine, and marinated mushrooms.

Together with Sophia, Farrah created a Mommy and Me Spa Kit, which features everything a mom and her daughter could need to have an at-home spa day with one another.

Farrah has also opened a frozen yogurt shop called Froco, and on some of her final episodes, we got to see the drama behind getting this shop open and ready.

Instagram; Farrah and Sophia are pictured above at the beach celebrating Sophia’s birthday

Farrah also has launched a clothing boutique called Sophia Laurent, which she named after her daughter Sophia. Her boutique carries clothing and toys for children up to 12 years of age. She also admitted she was going to let Sophia run the store and make all the decisions, which doesn’t seem like the most solid business plan.

“[Sophia] will be in charge of hiring, firing, picking the best products and clothing to order for the store,” Farrah said to Radar Online when the store opened up. “Sophia said she may bring her dog Blue in with her while she works.”

Instagram; Farrah and Sophia are pictured above getting ready to kickbox together

Right next door to Sophia Laurent, Farrah opened up a home furnishings store she has named Furnished by Farrah.

Well, since Farrah has opened up all these companies, not all of them have ended up being successes. Froco has since gone out of business, as has Furnished by Farrah and Sophia Laurent. Not really surprised.

Farrah has also mentioned that she is now in the process of writing books on business and putting together entrepreneur master classes. We will see how that all pans out!

Despite not being quite a success on the entrepreneur front, Farrah still is worth quite a bit of cash.

Farrah’s net worth is about $3 million dollars.

Instagram; Bristol is pictured above with her ex-husband, wearing quite an interesting shirt

After Farrah was kicked off Teen Mom, MTV quickly found replacements for her. Two, to be exact. Bristol Palin, Republican Sarah Palin’s daughter, was one of the new moms to join the cast of the show and it’s been quite a ride in the one season we have had her on board.

Bristol kind of shot to fame when her mom Sarah Palin, Alaska’s former governor, ran for Vice President back in 2008 and she got a LOT of media attention because she was quite a pregnant teen while her mom was campaigning. 

Bristol was 17 at the time she was thrust into the spotlight while preparing for a baby, and she has gone on to admit on Teen Mom that it was a lot for her to try to handle and deal with at such a young age. We definitely don’t envy her.

Instagram; Bristol wears bright red pants in the above photo

While Sarah Palin herself is worth a whopping $12 million dollars, Bristol is worth quite a lot less than her political parent.

Since being put into the national spotlight so abruptly, Bristol has spent her time raising her son Tripp and being an advocate for the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy. She also has made appearances on several different TV shows.

Bristol has starred in Secret Life of the American Teenager and Dancing with the Stars. She even earned her own show on Lifetime called Bristol Palin: Life’s a Tripp, which only lasted a season and got only 1.8 out of 10 on IMDb. She also recently started to get into real estate and selling homes.

Right now, Bristol is reportedly making $250,000 off her first season of Teen Mom. If she does go through with another season of the show, she will be making $300,000 by next season. Not bad at all.

Bristol’s net worth is about $1 million dollars.

Instagram; Bristol and her son that she had as a teenager, Tripp, are pictured in the above photo at one of his sports games

Cheyenne Floyd was brought in to be another new face on Teen Mom since Farrah’s departure, and she’s definitely an interesting addition to the cast. Fans are kind of up in arms about MTV’s decision to cast her because….she’s not even a teen mom.

Instagram; new addition to the Teen Mom cast Cheyenne is pictured above with her daughter Ryder and baby daddy Cory

Cheyenne had her daughter Ryder when she was 23-years-old. Meanwhile, everyone else on the cast, including newcomer Bristol, truly went through an unplanned teenage pregnancy.

“The show is called ‘Teen Mom’ so I know of course people are going to be stuck that I wasn’t a teen parent but at the same time I was a young mom. I didn’t have a job. I was confused,” 25-year-old Cheyenne said to Page Six.

“I think I felt a lot of the same things that single mothers feel. So I’m trying not to be stuck on proving to everyone. I’m not a teen mom but hey you know I’m a young parent trying to figure it out like everybody else is.”

Cheyenne says she’s still a single, young mom who is struggling to raise her daughter and make sense of it all, so she feels she fits in with the show and has something to offer fans.

Instagram; Cheyenne, Ryder, and Cory all smile together in the above photo

While Cheyenne is new to Teen Mom, she is not new to MTV. Not by a long shot. 

Instagram; Cheyenne holds Ryder up in the above photo

In 2015, before she became pregnant, she was on MTV’s show Are You the One?, which is a modern style dating show that relies on technology to help make matches between cast members. 

Instagram; Cheyenne, Ryder, and Cory go apple picking in the photo above

After appearing on that, Cheyenne went on to star in MTV’s The Challenge, which is a reality TV competition where the winner gets $500,000 dollars. She didn’t end up winning that, but she did end up taking home $12,500. And she ended up meeting Cory Wharton, who is the father of her daughter Ryder.

Instagram; Cheyenne, Ryder, and Cory smile together in the above photo at Ryder’s first birthday party

Ah, a modern MTV love story. We’re still totally confused how she ended up on Teen Mom, but here she is and it looks like she is here to stay.

We can’t find any information about how much Cheyenne is getting paid to be part of the cast, but we assume it is not as much as Bristol and her other co-stars are getting. It should be approximately $15,000 to $20,000 per episode right now.

It’s not news that when moms first join the show, they definitely are not paid as much as the ones that have been on for a while, or since the beginning.

Cheyenne’s net worth is only about $500,000 dollars, or half a million. She’s definitely not worth as much as the other Teen Mom stars right now, but she might be one day! That is if MTV keeps her on as part of the cast. TBD on that.

Instagram; Teen Mom 2 stars Jenelle Evans and Briana DeJesus are pictured together smiling in the above photo

Moving right along, we’re going to take a look at the cast from Teen Mom 2, because they’re still teen moms and they’re probably more interesting at this rate than the OGs since Bristol and Cheyenne aren’t that exciting (sorry, ladies).

I don’t know about you, but we DVR Teen Mom so we can skip right to Maci, Amber, and Catelynn because they’re the most fun. MTV, if you’re reading this, why not just make the whole show about the original trio? 

Instagram; Jenelle is pictured above with one of the pigs she got for her homestead

Anyway, our first teen mom from Teen Mom 2 is Jenelle Evans. This girl has always had a rough go of things, especially since her baby daddy Andrew didn’t really stick around at all throughout her having to raise Jace. Despite that, we’re still really rooting for her.

Instagram; Jenelle and her mom Barbara are pictured together smiling in the above photo

Jenelle is definitely the mom that has struggled the most throughout the entire duration of the show. Her mom Barbara even has full custody of her son Jace, and she has clearly been in and out of court fighting for custody of him and her other children. She even recently broke down on the show saying that she was tired of fans turning on her.

Instagram; Jenelle and her son Kaiser are pictured in the above photo at a game

Jenelle has gone on to date several different guys, have a few more children with two different guys, and then scared fans in the most recent season with all the drama surrounding her new husband David Eason, whom MTV has kicked off the show due to his terrible comments that are completely anti-LGBTQ.

Jenelle, we hope you leave him and figure your junk out, because we’re not sure how many more frantic 911 calls we can listen to about your husband beating you up. 

It’s no secret that Jenelle has gone through a lot of legal trouble, and it’s not just from fighting for custody of her kids…..it’s due to her run-ins with the law as well. She seems to have completely turned her act around, but it appears that all her legal bills have really added up for her.

Aside from collecting a salary from appearing on Teen Mom, Jenelle also makes money from endorsement deals.

Instagram; Jenelle snaps a selfie in the above photo

She also has a very popular YouTube channel with a lot of followers. During her entire career on MTV, she has earned about $1 million dollars for filming. She certainly has not been able to hang onto that money though.

Instagram; Jenelle holds her daughter on her hip in the photo above

Between supporting all her children, building a new home, and paying off her legal fees, Jenelle really isn’t worth that much at all, sadly.

Instagram; Jenelle is pictured above decorating caramel covered apples with her daughter

Jenelle’s net worth is approximately $30,000 dollars. And it’s about to go down, considering MTV just kicked her off the show for good.

Instagram; Kailyn and her three boys smile in the above photo together

Kailyn Lowry is our next cast member, and she has not had an easy go of her teenage pregnancy either, especially because her own mom refused to help her after learning she was going to give birth to her first son, Isaac.

When Kailyn broke up her Isaac’s father, Jo, she moved out and quickly had to work hard to support herself and her son. Kailyn really is a rockstar, because out of all the moms on Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2, she really had basically no help and had to do it all alone.

After really struggling as a single mom and managing to put herself through school, Kailyn met and married Javi Marroquin. The two were able to build a nice life together and gave birth to their son Lincoln before they ultimately divorced.

Kailyn has spent her money on a new house, a new car, and supporting her now three young sons. She recently had her youngest son named Lux with her baby daddy Chris Lopez. Their relationship seems to be all over the place, through no fault of Kailyn’s.

Instagram; Kailyn wears a red dress and black boots in the photo above

Kailyn has her own podcast, and she has even written her own books called “Hustle and Heart” and “Pride Over Pity.” She also just launched her own line of hair care products. Kailyn had to shell out a pretty penny on her divorce and legal fees, so she’s not worth as much as she once was.

Instagram; Kailyn hugs her sons Isaac and Lincoln while at a school concert in the above photo

Kailyn’s net worth right now is about $100,000 dollars. It should be on the upswing now though!

Instagram; Chelsea and her husband Cole are pictured above together at an Eric Church concert

Chelsea Houska is pretty much the Teen Mom star that has everything the most together. Even though the father of her daughter Aubree, Adam, is a hot mess and always causing her problems, she is happily married to Cole DeBoer and has two more children with him.

Instagram; Chelsea smiles in the above photo with both of her daughters

We love seeing Cole stick up for Aubree on the show and do the best he can to help provide her with a stable and loving environment, despite Adam always letting this poor little girl down. 

When Chelsea first got pregnant as a teenager, her dad Randy really stepped up to help her out and make sure she wouldn’t fall on her face. Randy works as a dentist and financially helped Chelsea so she didn’t have to struggle in that way while raising Aubree all on her own.

Even though Randy helped her out, Chelsea had a job as an aesthetician and worked very hard to make her own money too. Chelsea went on to buy her own home and she drives a brand new Range Rover, so she is doing well for herself and we’re happy for her. She totally deserves it.

It’s estimated that right now Chelsea takes home about $300,000 per season of filming Teen Mom 2, and on top of that Cole is getting paid to appear on the show as well. Cole also has his own full-time job working for the state of South Dakota.

Instagram; Chelsea and Cole smile together in the above photo while at the hospital when they had their daughter

Chelsea also makes money off of promotions and endorsements she does for products and companies across her social media channels. 

Instagram; Chelsea is pictured above driving around with her kids in the car and filming for Teen Mom

Chelsea’s net worth is reportedly $600,000 dollars.

Instagram; Teen Mom 2 stars Kailyn and Leah are pictured together in the above photo smiling

Leah Messer found herself pregnant with twin girls after dating her boyfriend at the time, Corey Simms, for just one month. That was fast!

Leah went on to marry Corey, go through a messy divorce, marry Jeremy Calvert, have another daughter Adalynn, get divorced from Jeremy, and struggle with health issues with her daughter Ali.

Instagram; Leah is pictured in the above photo with all three of her girls

Ali sadly has been diagnosed with muscular dystrophy and a lot of the show is Leah trying to help her at school and take her to her various doctor appointments. Juggling Ali’s health problems with raising her and her two other girls is no easy feat. Leah definitely has her hands full.

Leah definitely has spent a lot of money on Ali’s medical bills, and she is currently working on online classes so she can get a stable career to help support her three girls.

Leah does travel for public speaking events, and she shares endorsements of products and companies across her social media channels. She also has been working distributing Lipsense, which is a line of smudge-free lipsticks.

She also sells personal care products through the company called SeneGence. Leah is definitely hustling hard.

Instagram; Leah smiles and snaps a selfie in the above photo

Leah’s net worth is about $750,000 dollars.

Instagram; Leah smiles with her three daughters in the photo above

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