Mom Murders Her Toddler Twins Because Her Husband Took Away Her Lavish Lifestyle

Samantha Ford is a 38-year-old mom of two twins: a 2-year-old daughter named Chloe and a 2-year-old son named Jake. She had a very hard time getting pregnant and turned to IVF, which finally worked. She called her twins her miracle babies.

When you become a mom, you’re making a commitment to love and protect your child or children. That’s what comes with the territory. You’re supposed to do your best to make sure nothing bad happens. You’re supposed to scare the monsters away.

You’re not supposed to be the monster, and you’re not supposed to be the reason something terrible occurs to your children, let alone be the cause of their death. But, Samantha became the monster. She killed her own children for a disgusting reason.

Twitter; 2-year-old Jake sweetly plants a kiss on his twin sister Chloe’s forehead

Samantha Ford doesn’t deserve the title of mom, because she killed her twins Jake and Chloe on purpose to get back at their father for taking away her lavish lifestyle. Not surprisingly, now she’s facing murder charges for what she’s done.

She was married to Steven Ford, who is an avid golfer.

Twitter; the twins Jake and Chloe are pictured above as infants

Samantha, her children, and her husband lived in a newly built estate in Westwood close to Margate, Kent in England. They privately rented the property, which cost about $250,000 to build.

Before moving to England, the couple and their children lived in Doha, Qatar for ten years. They lived a pretty extravagant life while living there.

Doha is the capital of Qatar, and it’s well known for being rich in culture, along with a luxurious waterfront travel destination.

The population in Doha rivals that of Manhattan, and it’s much more busy and bustling than Margate, England. In contrast, about 60,000 people live in Margate.

It was a big change for the couple to make that switch from Qatar to England along with their children. And Samantha did not take it well.

Facebook; Samantha and Steven each hold one of their twin children in the above photo

Samantha and Steven got married 5 years ago, and family and friends thought they were happily married.

They lived a luxurious life abroad for a while. They had two healthy and adorable twins. Their life seemed quite perfect to outsiders.

They were active on social media and posted tons of family photos of the two of them smiling away together throughout their travels.

Facebook; Samantha is pictured above in front of a castle while pregnant with Jake and Chloe

Before Samantha did something completely unthinkable and heinous, Steven posted some very odd things on Twitter.

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