Chance Kinney

From Modesto, California, Chance received a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from UCLA and a Master's Degree in International Relations from University College Dublin. He loves to travel, and is always looking for interesting people and their stories wherever he goes. He currently lives in San Francisco.

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    The Pax 3 Vaporizer Gets a Price Cut and Four Beautiful New Colors

    The cool kid of the vaporizer world just did something we don’t always see the cool kids of business do — cut prices. With holiday shopping season approaching (if it hasn’t already started), Pax is making one of their latest vaporizers, the Pax 3, a little cheaper while adding a quartet of new colors to try […]

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    Cuphead is an Xbox Indie Game That Crosses Steamboat Willie with Contra

    Chances are you’ve heard of Cuphead at least in passing. The indie game made its debut at E3 2014 with a trailer showcasing the game’s art, and it’s been talked about excitedly in gaming circles since. No wonder — Cuphead looks like nothing that’s come before it, although its gameplay treads on well-worn and well-loved ground for longtime […]

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    LiveCoach Wants to Make Life Coaching More Accessible for Everyone

    The advice industry is booming — enter joke about millennials and adulting here. Whatever the reason, a lot of folks are looking for a little help to find direction in their life, but what they’re often finding are impractically high prices. LiveCoach is hoping to fix that by being the quintessential Silicon Valley app — a platform […]

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    The ZTE Tempo X is a Budget Smartphone That Runs Android Nougat

    ZTE is expanding their budget smartphone roster today with the Tempo X. Coming exclusively to Boost Mobile, the $80 5″ smartphone is lean on specs (even for the price), but if you’re looking for more Android goodies than usual at this price, the Tempo X might be worth a look. The Tempo X is built […]

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    Here’s How One New York Artist Found the Power of Healing in Wonder Woman

    In the pages of comic books and, finally, on the screens at megaplexes, Wonder Woman has her fair share of superpowers. She would — she is a demigoddess. She’s also become muse to New York-based artist Christopher Larson, who’s been exploring how the powers of myth and legend — both ancient and modern — reach out into […]

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    Catch the Fever With this Disco Ball Party Speaker

    We’ve seen a fair amount of party speakers — the JBL Pulse series stands out — but few have combined a fantastic light show with booming bass quite like iHome’s latest. Their iBT175 is a Bluetooth speaker promising 360-degree sound, but the real party starter is the disco ball dome ready to kick in when the […]

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    The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is in Stores Starting Today

    It’s time for the fall smartphone battle to kick off! We’ve already got the major players — the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, the iPhone X, and the LG V30 — announced and hyped. Now it’s time for you to check them out for yourself in stores. You can do that starting today, with the Galaxy Note 8 […]

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    6 Beautiful iPhone X Cases You Can Order Now

    The iPhone X is upon us, and as was heavily rumored, it’s not cheap. But, the phone being $1,000 (at least!) isn’t even the most pressing reason to go get a case for it! Now that Apple is adding wireless charging, they’re using glass on both the front and back of the iPhone. As the […]

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    LG V30 First Impressions

    For the past few years, the LG V series has stood out as LG’s high-end multimedia phone, excelling in audio and video. They’ve also used the V series to experiment with some other ideas daring enough to not be fit for the mainstream G series — things like the second screen strip that functioned as a […]

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    This New App Thinks Clean, Accessible Public Bathrooms Are Worth Paying For

    Got a bathroom emergency brewing in the big city? Sometimes you don’t have many options — most places (fairly enough) reserve their bathrooms for customers, plenty others don’t have any at all, and it’s hard to tell which is which when you’re on the street and desperately looking. Is that a problem worth paying money to […]

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    You Need to Check Out This Bicycle Made Out of Whisky Barrels

    This might be the only time when combining booze with bicycles is OK! Not wanting good wood to go to waste, upscale bike manufacturer Renovo decided to let Scottish whisky experts Glenmorangie know that their old whisky barrels could find new life in their workshops. The result is the Glenmorangie Original, a gorgeous bike built […]

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    The Latest Nintendo 2DS XL Special Edition Looks Just Like a Poké Ball

    How can Nintendo possibly top that adorable Pikachu 3DS XL from earlier this year? Well, with how cute that guy was, we’re not sure if that’s possible, but this new 2DS XL has a good argument! Nintendo is dressing up their latest and greatest handheld as a Poké Ball in a special edition release confirmed to be […]

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    Here are 15 Totally Adorable Versions of Your Favorite Characters

    Star Trek, Star Wars — doesn’t matter! Everything’s fair game when it comes to the adorable artistry of Steph Lew. Her cuties draw on the whole pantheon of pop culture, and better yet, they’re all available as high-quality prints! If there’s a hole in your array of living room art (and there’s always one!), we’ll help […]

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    Tesla Assigned Partial Responsibility for Last Year’s Fatal Autopilot Crash

    While most of the automotive industry has approached autonomous driving slowly and cautiously, Tesla has sped forward — last year, to fatal results. In May 2016, Joshua Brown was killed when his Tesla Model S collided with a semi truck while Autopilot, Tesla’s semi-autonomous driving technology, was activated. Brown was assigned most of the blame for […]

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    Dell’s Cool and Comfortable Mixed Reality Headset is Available for Preorder Today

    IFA 2017 was big for Microsoft’s upcoming Mixed Reality platform. Arriving with the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update on October 17, Windows Mixed Reality combines virtual reality with the internal tracking features Microsoft introduced on their HoloLens headset. That’s allowed for Mixed Reality headsets that don’t require external light towers to work — you can roam […]

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    Apple TV Finally Gets a 4K HDR Upgrade

    To their credit, Apple often enough tends to wait to jump on trends until they’ve picked up enough steam. That seems to be the case with 4K HDR — the technology was always convincing, but for a while, there simply wasn’t enough 4K HDR content to make the new hardware worth it to the mainstream consumer. […]

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    The Apple Watch Series 3 Can Make Calls Without Needing an iPhone

    The big news from Apple’s event yesterday was no doubt the announcement of the high-end iPhone X alongside the iPhone 8, but Apple had a bit to say about the Apple Watch, too. Funny enough, right alongside the most expensive, advanced iPhone ever was a smartwatch that doesn’t need it — the new Apple Watch Series […]

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    Strava Just Made it Way Easier to Pull in Data from Your Cycling Classes

    Despite not being tied to any one fitness tracker or smartwatch, Strava has managed to secure a place as one of the best fitness tracking apps on the market. They’ve done it by working with as many fitness wearables as possible, but now they’re turning their attention to a whole other source of data — gyms […]