Zara Stone

Zara hails from the cold city that is London Town, but finds the horrible weather a great excuse to stay in and play on her XBOX. She has been involved in the technology world for many years now, and finds that her day can be easily brightened by a (tastefully) diamante encrusted USB stick or a new Android device. She’s an expert on all types of gadgetry, with a particular penchant for eReaders, compact cameras and PMP’s. She believes the future of technology will be application based, and that social media is going to change the way that businesses behave. You can find her musing about non gadget related goodness on her blog or updating you on her dinner plans via her Twitter feed.

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    Brookstone BodyForm Foam Roller Review

    As someone with chronic back problems, I’m a big fan of foam rollers – so is my physiotherapist – as a way of loosening tight muscles, getting rid of scar tissue and generally helping my back feel more pliant. But could a vibrating back roller — one that promises to massage as well as loosen […]

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    Zolt Laptop Charger: One To Charge Them All

    Once upon a time we had a dream: One charger to rule them all. That dream has become something of a reality in smartphone land, with the micro USB and Apple’s lightning port becoming ubiquitous for power amongst most mobile devices (after a law in Europe that has insisted that providers have a universal standard) . […]

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    Mr. Marinator is an All-In-One Marinating Machine

    What looks like a sideways water fountain spins nonstop, fleshy mounds of meat battering against the liquid that sloshes around the container. The brand associate, Sheri McKinley, tells me that this machine is the Mr. Marinator, an all in one marinating machine that makes your meat flavorful in under 15 minutes. “It’s so you don’t […]

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    3D Rudder Transforms Your Feet into a Game Controller

    “Feet are made to see and hands to do,” Stanislas Chesnais tells me as I stare slightly dubiously at his invention, the 3D Rudder that sits beneath my feet. At first glance it looks something like a Pogo Ball (hey, I’m an 80’s kid, OK? Here’s the link)  but it’s flat on top, with the […]

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    WonderWoof: Where Fashion, Dogs and Wearables Combine

    Betsy Fore loved her dog. But why was he so fat? And just what was he doing all day? These questions bothered her and she set out to find an answer. Her solution was to create the WonderWoof BowTie, a bow shaped accessory that clips to your dogs collar. It combines a candy cane palette […]

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    Mr. Box Planet is Vinyl Art Meets Phone Batteries

    It’s well documented that we love vinyl pop art; something about mini figurines makes us feel all geeky and girly inside. But as much as we enjoy our collectibles, sometimes we wish they could be a little more practical, and that’s why we’re in love with Mr. Box Planet. At first glance, you think you’re […]

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    9 Amazing Gifts for the Hearthstone Addict

    Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is the best selling  freemium game from Blizzard, an addictive card game that lets you face-off against opponents with only your knowledge of strategy and your carefully built deck of cards to save you. . They recently released the Goblins vs. Gnomes expansion on December 8th and  so far, the reports […]

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    14 Subscription Boxes That Will Surprise You

    Subscription boxes are wonderful things. The likes of BirchBox, Ipsy, and Nerd Block means that you can enjoy a little taste of your favorite thing every month. A small sign up fee, and then an amazing surprise in a pretty package. What’s not to love? Well, we’re not saying that you won’t enjoy the following […]

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    45 Times Fans Radically Reimagined Your Favorite Disney Princesses

    The Disney princess is a beloved cultural staple. Their flowing locks, their lyrical songs, their tasteful yet subtly sexy dresses…but enough is enough. Forget about their goody-two-shoes behavior and let’s take them out of their comfort zone. Yes, Belle, Ariel, Aurora I’m talking about you. Here are 45 versions of the Disney princesses (we know, […]

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    Hello Kitty Science in Wonderland

    Hello Kitty has fans spanning the globe, and now she’s making waves in her home country again. This time, it’s all about the science. Yes, you read that correctly. With a cosplay twist of course. Nasu Highland Park, Japan, has just opened a Hello Kitty Science in Wonderland exhibition designed to encourage young people to […]

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    Inside HP Labs of Destruction!

    When Hewlett Packard invites a team of tech journalists out to Houston to look at their laboratories there are a few things you expect. Scientists with Christopher Lloyd’s demeanor and pristine lab coats for one, but once you get to HP’s behemoth campus in North Houston you realize that the HP labs are far bigger […]

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    2013’s Top 10 Inspiring Women in Tech

    Welcome to this years top ten list of women who are making waves in technology. This is a moment where the Chip Chick team takes a stroll down memory lane to highlight some of the breathtakingly impressive and simply amazing feats that women have undertaken this year. Be it cutting swathes in traditionally male dominated […]

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    Brenthaven Collins Sleeve Plus Laptop Bag Review

    Looking for a laptop bag with almost the same dimensions as a sleeve? Want something stylish, comfortable, and most importantly, sleek? Well the Brenthaven Collins Sleeve Plus bag might be your new best friend. Design Large enough to accommodate a 15.4 inch  MacBook Pro and any number of smaller laptops,you might say that the Collins […]

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    Brenthaven BX2 Holster DSLR Camera Bag Review

    What do you require from a DSLR camera bag? Comfort, weight and style are all key elements that we found with Brenthaven’s BX2 Holster DSLR camera bag. This bag offers full-on protection for your precious in all terrains, and the rugged design combines style with security. We really like the bag’s charcoal color, and the […]

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    Jill-e Designs Compact System Camera Bag Review

    Can you get a DSLR camera bag that’s also stylish? The Jill-E Compact System camera bag aims to do just that! It’s a camera bag that could easily be mistaken for a Burberry – now that’s high praise. However, did it rock our world? Read on to find out. Design The first response to seeing […]

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    Are Headphones Killing Your Hearing?

    “Turn down that bloody noise!” is a refrain teenagers are used too, but parents just got an extra clause to their dislike of rap/pop/ Bieber.  Recent studies show that hearing loss is on the rise, specifically in the 11-19 year old age bracket. The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) reported that one in five […]

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    T-Mobile Kills Phone Contracts: Offers iPhone 5 for $99

    Cellphone rate plans could easily be renamed as rape plans– complex structures that charge you a variety for different services T-Mobile is introducing the Simple Choice plan- unlimited text, talk and data with no caps, and giving you a related pricing structure; $50-$70 for 500MB/ 2GB/ Unlimited Everything. Sure, some of what you save in […]

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    10 Hookup Apps for the Desperate Dater On Valentine’s Day

    Valentine’s Day is here again, and those without a significant other or hook-up buddy might be feeling a little lonesome. Sure you can decry it a commercial venture, created to sell Hallmark cards and allow bars to hike up prices, but it would be nice to hold hands with someone.. well, wouldn’t it? In light […]