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    19 Disney Characters as ’90s Pop Stars

    There’s so much to love about the ’90s — especially the pop music us ’90s kids grew up listening to! The late ’90s to the early 2000s were hands down the best years for pop music EVER. Britney Spears, The Spice Girls, Hanson; I don’t know about you, but I owned every mixtape and CD of […]

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    17 Simply Magical Disney Mickey Mouse Ears

    A true Disney fan knows that your good ears are crucial to your Disney collection. No longer limited to the black Mickey Mouse ears hat, you can proudly display your favorite hero or villain in the truest of Disney fashions! Toy Story Woody Ears These ears are hand-crafted with attention to detail and the amount […]

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    27 Disney Princesses Get Awesome Modern Makeovers

    All those upcoming live-action Disney remakes have got us thinking about what Disney princesses would look like if they were thrown into our modern world. Apparently, we aren’t alone! Toronto-based artist Anoosha Syed and New York-based artist Jonquel Norwood have both reimagined those princesses for our time. Syed casts them as teens (yeah, one of […]

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    These 21 Pieces of Disney Workout Clothes Will Make the Gym Magical

    Working out can be a real bore. What better way to inspire yourself to head to the gym than with some magical Disney workout clothes? Considering pretty much every Disney song ever is a motivational anthem, you’ll be unstoppable. I’m never going to miss a gym session again! The Lion King Tank Top Hakuna masquata! […]

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    Disney’s Dream Big Princess Photo Campaign Celebrates Women and Girls Being Totally Awesome

    Disney has arguably never seen better days than these — their animated and live-action features are consistently hits, and they’ve got easy box office gold in Marvel and Star Wars movies. But, they’ve still got an image problem to overcome. For much of their history, Disney Princesses were in need of saving, and while more recent […]

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    Disney is Ditching Netflix for Their Own Streaming Service in 2019

    Breaking up with someone over conference call? That might be the harshest way we’ve heard of. During their earnings report yesterday, Disney revealed that not only will Netflix not be the exclusive carrier of Disney (and all assorted Disney brands, like Marvel and Lucasfilm) movies and shows, they won’t be getting them at all. Disney […]

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    DuckTales is Getting Funko Pop Figurines Ahead of the Premiere of the New Cartoon

    The new DuckTales series starting next month has everyone seeing gold! Funko is joining the party with their first set of DuckTales Pop vinyl figurines, featuring Scrooge, his grandnephews, and (in her new starring role) Webby! Judging from their outfits, it looks like Funko took more inspiration from the original series than the new one. Webby still has […]

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    These 10 Disney Villains are Getting Their Own U.S. Stamps

    Disney villains are sending a message! Well, they’ll be sending a lot of them, actually. The USPS has decided to pay tribute to the Disney Studios Ink & Paint Department with a whole collection of Disney villain stamps that you can add to your collection next month. So, which villains are getting the honors? The […]

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    Disney Reveals the New DuckTales Theme Song and a Premiere Date

    Excited for that star-studded new DuckTales series coming to Disney XD? Huey, Dewey, Louie, and, (we’re pretty psyched) Webby are only a few months away from their new adventures with Scrooge McDuck, and from the new intro, we can say we’re going to be right there with them. First of all, no, they didn’t mess with the […]

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    Chill Out With the First Trailer for Olaf’s Frozen Adventure

    Making a trailer for a short is risky business —at a little under two minutes, this trailer shows us about a whole tenth of Olaf’s Frozen Adventure! Starring the lovable snowman from Frozen, the latest Frozen short is headed to theaters, and it looks just as heartwarming as the last one. In the upcoming 21-minute short, Olaf goes off […]

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    23 (More) Glamorous Disney Inspired High Heels and Boots

    Can’t get enough Disney heels? Our original article just wasn’t enough so we rounded up 25 more great Disney-themed heels. These outrageous shoes are covered in everything from crystals, to glitter, and gems, that sparkle away to help you show off your love of all things Disney! Get ready for even more magical nights! Aladdin […]

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    The Rest of the DuckTales Reboot Cast Has Been Revealed

    When we heard about the DuckTales reboot late last year, we were already pretty excited about David Tennant coming on as Scrooge McDuck — especially after he helped sing the theme song. We got a taste of the rest of the cast at that time, too, but this week Entertainment Weekly revealed the full cast ahead of the show’s […]