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    Crown Jewel Headphones Are Fit for a Queen

    Want headphones that have been given the royal treatment? It’s not going to be easy. Lit Headphones have been on fire for a year now, selling out of their lavishly handmade crown headphones on the regular. These headphones are no pretenders to the throne, either — depending on the model, the earcups and headband can be […]

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    Fashion-First Wireless Earbuds Are Stored in Bracelets and Necklaces

    In 2015, a new company called Ashley Chloe took to Kickstarter to fund Helix, a pair of Bluetooth in-ear headphones stored in bracelets. Their crowdfunding campaign was a success, and it’s helped them create something even more in need of storage — true wireless earbuds. True wireless earbuds — think AirPods, Skybuds, Earin, Samsung IconX, Sol Republic Amps […]

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    Utopia Diamond Encrusted Headphones Cost More Than a Tesla

    Focal gives a new meaning to high-end headphones with Utopia by Tournaire. Amidst other jaw-dropping features, the headband has a trilogy setting that is made of 18-karat gold encrusted with a whopping 6.5 karats of diamonds, all done by hand. This luxury item can be yours for $120,000. Focal’s Utopia by Tournaire is built off […]

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    Sol Republic’s Truly Wireless Amps Air Review

    Now that Apple’s AirPods are finally out, a lot of people are wondering what alternatives are there? Maybe you’re looking for a pair of buds that are actually in-ear or something more compatible with your devices. Sol Republic, a brand known for their bold designs and high quality headphones, has released their very own pair […]

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    Ariana Grande Gets Her Own Official Cat Ear Headphones

    We’ve been big fans of the Cat Ear Headphones that Brookstone carries, and apparently we’re not the only ones. Passing by a Brookstone in a mall (are they anywhere else?) earlier this week, I happened to spy Ariana Grande’s face on some of those boxes of Cat Ear Headphones. Sure enough, they’ve caught the pop […]

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    Cat Ear Headphones Are Now Purrrfectly Wireless

    The iPhone 7 and similar no audio port having smartphones are forcing everyone to go wireless. By everyone, we do indeed mean everyone. Even those cat ear headphones Brookstone introduced last year are getting a Bluetooth version, but they didn’t just cut the cord and call it a day. Last year’s cat ear headphones were […]

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    Show Off Your Headphones with Just Mobile’s HeadStand

    While many of us have accepted Apple’s prescribed reality and bought wireless headphones, we all still need a neat way to store our headphones. Fortunately, there’s a new headphone stand from Just Mobile that not only looks great, but with its aluminum body, it’s designed to match Apple products as well as many popular aluminum body […]

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    Moshi Mythro Air Wireless In-Ear Headphones Review

    Moshi is relatively new to audio, but they’ve gotten off to a good start. Their Avanti on-ear headphones combined excellent design with above average audio, and was one of our favorites this year for the price. In September, Moshi announced their first wireless audio products — the Mythro Air and the Vortex Air. These Bluetooth […]

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    Sol Republic Relays Sport Wireless Headphones Review

    Sol Republic just released one of the best pair of wireless sports headphones that doubles as an amazing pair of everyday headphones. The Relays Sport Wireless headphones are in-ear bluetooth headphones that actually stay in during intense exercise. They feature a water resistant design, an 8 hour battery, inline controls and microphone, two audio modes, […]

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    Beats Powerbeats3 In-Ear Headphones Review

    When Apple made their big iPhone 7 announcement in September, they managed to carve out the smallest sliver of time to introduce three new Beats products — the first set to directly benefit from the Apple’s acquisition of Beats. The Solo3 Wireless on-ears, Powerbeats3 in-ears, and the lighter BeatsX in-ears all have Apple’s new W1 chip, which enables […]

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    JBL Celebrates Turning 70 With Platinum Edition Headphones

    Harman has a good many audio brands under its belt (which will all soon be under Samsung’s), but one of their oldest predates even Harman itself. JBL was founded as an independent company in 1946 by James B. Lansing, once of Altec Lansing, and was acquired by what would become Harman in 1969. This year […]

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    Skybuds True Wireless Earbuds Review

    2016 has been a big year for true wireless earbuds. Bragi and Earin got the ball rolling in 2014, crowdfunding competing earbuds that cut all cords — both the one between headphones and device and the one between the two buds. Both Bragi and Earin shipped this year, alongside products from bigger names like Jabra, Samsung, […]

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    Even H1 Over-Ear Headphones Review

    Last month, we took a look at a different sort of headphones. MeQ’s Even in-ear headphones were part of a new trend in audio products — one that’s seeing the convergence of consumer audio and hearing impairment technology. We’re seeing this trend manifested in a few ways — the way true wireless earbuds connect and the potential […]