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    Google’s Project Glass Creates Real-Life HUD, May Detect Power Levels

    At CES 2012 this year, Vuzix unveiled a pair of SMART glasses, which would provide an augmented reality display in the guise of a pair of sunglasses strongly resembling a pair of Oakleys. Unfortunately for Vuzix, it looks like Google just one-upped them – in style and in substance. Project Glass is coming. Eventually. Project […]

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    iPad App of the Week: Aurasma is an Augmented Reality Treasure Hunt

    What geocaching is to the physical treasure hunt, Aurasma should be to the virtual one. With Aurasma, the treasure isn’t physical – it exists only in the digital world. Take your iPad with you around town and check out the app to find locations near you where Auras can be found. Once you’ve found a […]

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    Virtual Mirror Lets You Try Jewelry Online

    An online fashion accessories e-commerce site called BoutiqueAccessories has set up “Virtual Mirror” that lets users try on jewelry using augmented reality. Lets face it, some things are more difficult to purchase online because you can’t try them on first – and jewelry is a perfect example of that. However, this site’s Virtual Mirror changes […]

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    Esquire and Barnes and Noble Wants to Help You Find Brooklyn Decker

    That silly thing called augmented reality….it’s just getting all over the place that its almost becoming gimmicky but I guess if it involves high-end magazines and models, guys will go for it. Won’t you fellas? Esquire, today unveiled its collaboration with GoldRun, an augmented reality platform, to create two interactive adventures using “geo-tagging” technology.

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    3DBottles Use Augmented Reality

    Looking for new ways to show off your creative videos? Well 3DBottles from Greensender puts Augmented Reality onto an average water bottle. Upload a video and then give someone one of these bottles with a marker and have them go oooh and ahh over it when they stick it in front of their webcam. The […]

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    Hallmark Unveils Augmented Reality Webcam Greetings

    We have seen augmented before realty but only here and there – well Hallmark is looking to take this new technology to the mainstream with the introduction of Webcam Greetings. These new cards not only feature the same lovey dovey messages but now you can also open up a whole new interactive world when you […]