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    Plantronics BackBeat Fit Bluetooth Sports Headphone Review

    It’s tough to find the right gym headphones, but this might be your lucky day. The Plantronics BackBeat Fits are wireless bluetooth headphones that feature a water resistant design, built-in audio controls, a microphone, an 8 hour battery, and a durable build with powerful audio. The BackBeat Fits are in-ear headphones with a thick rubber […]

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    Could the Moto 360 Smartwatch Best the Galaxy Gear?

    What could very well be the swan song of the short-lived Google-Motorola era is here, and it’s wearable technology done right. The Moto 360 is the newest smartwatch on the market, and it nails the most important aspect of wearable technology – it looks like something you’d actually like to wear. There are actually two […]

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    Samsung Gear Fit Just Killed the Fitness Tracker [Video]

    We’re starting to feel bad for the smaller fitness tracking companies this year. It’s clearly the year when the major players enter the ring, and it’s equally clear that they’re bringing a lot of money and refinement to the table. For a good example, look no further than the Samsung Gear Fit, the third of […]

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    Pear Mobile Fitness Training Review

    “Training Intelligence” — that’s what the Pear Mobile aims to provide. The product consists of a heart rate monitor, gym headphones, and an app that will train you, push you, and monitor your performance every step of the way. It’s your own personal trainer and it sounds like a dream come true. The Pear Sports […]

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    3D Printed Tracheas Could Be Coming to Hospitals Soon

    For a second, let’s throw consumer tech aside, because by far the most exciting technological development to hit the big time this decade has to be 3D printing. We’ve seen plenty of practical medical uses for the new technology, which uses massive (or sometimes not-so-massive) industrial printers to create objects from solid materials using an […]

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    Sol Republic Relays In-Ear Sports Headphone Review

    Over just a few years Sol Republic has made a huge name for themselves in the headphone market, and rightfully so. The Sol Republics look great, sound great, and are well built, plus the company knows how to market (professor meowington, Michael Phelps). The latest Sol Republic Relays aren’t just the best new in-ear gym […]

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    Sony Presents Life Logging with SmartBand Activity Monitor

    Sony’s SmartBand is the latest wearable here at CES 2014. The Sony SmartBand is another activity monitor, but with an awesome twist. The generic looking device compensates with a killer app–the LifeLog. Appropriately named, LifeLog aims to record your entire life — when you were sleeping, walking, talking, running, biking, driving, shooting photos, listening to […]

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    Sol Republic Relays are Not Just For Working Out

    Sol Republic is at CES with Relays, a new pair of earphones that the company says the solves the problem of needing separate earphones for exercise and daily life. I am not wholly convinced that is a real problem – be that as it may, the Relays do look stylish enough in their own right […]

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    ARCHOS Activity Tracker Certainly Looks Familiar

    Some say that we oscillate between phases in this society of ours – times of innovation and times of imitation. We might be dipping back into the latter – ARCHOS is unveiling (yet another) fitness tracker at CES this year, and you can expect to see more of the same at this year’s show. The […]

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    Goji Play is an Exercise Game Changer [Review]

    Blue Goji is an exercise game changer (extra emphasis on game). With the help of an iPad or iOS device, Goji Play transforms any cardio machine into an interactive entertainment device. Exercising is no longer be boring and tedious, it’s fun, challenging, and entertaining. You’re not using an elliptical or riding a stationary bike, you’re […]

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    Track Your Bike Cadence with the Wahoo RPM Sensor

    Wahoo, known for churning out high-quality smart accessories for bicycles, is back with another, pint-sized offering – a small cadence sensor that continuously transmits data to your iPhone. The RPM Cadence Sensor is small, light and can be paired with an iOS app over Bluetooth to transmit cadence data on your rides. You get an […]

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    Jawbone Up24 Fitness Tracker Wristband Review

    Fitness devices are trending upwards, and rightfully so! There’s nothing more important than your health. Last year, Jawbone’s Up activity monitor paved the way as one of the most popular fitness bands. This year they’ve released the Up24, the same great device but with wireless syncing capabilities. Up24 monitors fitness, activity, sleep, and more. Up24, […]

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    Fitbit Force Review: Is it the Smartest Fitness Watch?

    Fitbit is continuing their dominance in the fitness tracker arena with their latest entry, the Fitbit Force. This is a natural evolution for the brand that started with a simple clip tracker that was the Fitbit Ultra, which was then followed up with the very popular Fitbit One. Fitbit then proceeded to dip its toe deeper […]

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    Jawbone Up’s the Competiton with UP24 Fitness Bracelet

    The Jawbone UP was one of the first big fitness trackers to hit shelves, so it’s no surprise that it’s getting an update this holiday season, both to the device itself and the app that processes all of that fitness and sleep data. UP24 is the brand new tracker that you can find in stores […]

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    Oregon Scientific Struts Their Own Wearable Ssmart Dynamo Activity Tracker

    Another day, another fitness tracker. This time, it’s Oregon Scientific’s Ssmart Dynamo, a lightweight wristband tracker paired with a free iOS or Android app. The Ssmart Dynamo is your standard fitness tracker – no more, no less. It keeps track of sleep data, steps taken, distance traveled, and calories burned, storing data on the wristband […]

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    Fitbit Force Sneaks a Smartwatch into their Latest Fitness Tracker

    Yes, it’s yet another wrist-worn fitness tracker from Fitbit. So, what makes this one special? True to the times, Fitbit Force throws in some smart watch functionality to their brand new wristband fitness tracker. The Fitbit Force features a small OLED screen, that allows it to serve as a fitness tracker and a watch. On […]