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    Stir Kinetic Desk Packs in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

    As it turns out, sitting at work for eight hours a day is not so good for you. And so, we’ve had the steady increase of standing desks in the market. Then, we moved onto flex desks, which can be converted to standing desks from sitting desks and vice versa. Now, we have the Stir […]

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    Waterfall Audio Niagara Speakers Are Made of Glass

    A torrent of audio is what you can expect from the Niagara, a powerful speaker from Waterfall Audio made from glass. The tower speaker has two drivers on top, set in a transparent glass tower. It’s so stylish that they even manage to make the internal wiring part of the design scheme, with the wires […]

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    Sony VAIO Red Editions are Hot and Luxurious

    Sony’s new VAIO notebooks, which already bordered on the luxurious, are getting brand new luxury red edition models across the board. Like anything else in the expansive series of |red products, the notebooks in question – the VAIO Duo, VAIO Pro, and VAIO Fit – are all getting doused in bright red. To show they’re […]

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    KEF Packs $30K Speaker Technology into $299 M500 Headphones

    KEF audio has a reputation for producing high-end, luxury speaker systems with great aesthetics. Unfortunately these systems tend to be very pricey. But in an attempt to appeal to even more consumers and audio enthusiasts, the company has recently joined the headphone fore. M Series Headphones For their headphone debut, KEF has released two pairs of […]

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    CalypsoCase by Karim Rashid – the Luxury iPhone 5 Case Review

    Disclaimer: this is a $169 iPhone case. Yes, the CalypsoCase by Karim Rashid, in fact costs, one hundred and sixty nine dollars. Does it improve cell phone service, add battery power, provide a second screen, or even talk back to Siri? No, it protects your phone, and some might say it does so in style. […]

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    Sony Adds RX100 II and RX1R Cameras, NFC and Wi-Fi in Tow

    No other company has blurred the line between DSLRs and point-and-shoots quite like Sony. They’ve released cameras like the NEX line that offer up DSLR quality in a compact body, and now they’re coming out with two new impressive fixed-lens point-and-shoots in impressively small packages.

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    2014 Lexus IS Preview

      Lexus has revamped the Lexus IS sport sedan for 2014, and we got to spend some time road testing the new third generation model. The Lexus IS is actually positioned as an introductory into the luxury segment, and is often a first time luxury car experience for drivers. It’s also unique because it’s a […]

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    Gangnam Style Gets Blinged to the Tune of $60K

    Wow, just wow! Just when we thought Gangnam Style was heading to the one-hit-wonder grave, some celebrity went ahead and commissioned their very own diamond studded PSY. Brillance.Com are the folks behind this ridiculously opulent pendant with 6.25ctw round and oval cut pave diamonds. That makes the total diamond count for this piece a whopping […]

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    Monster Debuts Uber Luxury Inspiration Hublot Headphones at Baselworld

    Hublot, better known for being curators of fine jewelry watches, have partnered with Monster to make the ultimate precision made pair of headphones. This isn’t the first time the luxury watch maker has deviated from watches. They have also tried their hand with unique products like bicycles, sleds, speakers and cuff links just to name […]

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    Hermès Bicycle is the Perfect Wedding Gift for Mark Zuckerberg

    Next to the standard fare of categories on Hermès Paris’s web site, along side “Leisure”, is a “Surprise” section. Clicking on the “Surprise” link reveals the Hermès Bicycle. This bike is made of a lacquered stainless steel, its frame, handles and saddle are also covered in Taurillon Clemence leather, while its kickstand has front and backlighting. […]

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    Porsche Design P’9981 is the Most Luxurious BlackBerry Ever

    We’re already quite fond of the BlackBerry Bold 9900 series, and think that it’s quite a handsome phone. But if you’re looking to take your BlackBerry experience to the next level, check out the new Porsche Design P’9981. This smartphone stems from a partnership between RIM and Porsche Design, and the result is a luxury […]

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    Anyone Want an iPhone 4S 24kt Gold Bumper?

    Remember those infamous bumper cases that debuted right alongside the iPhone 4 last year? Well nowadays they may not be as popular as they were back then, but that hasn’t stopped Crystal Rocked from coming out with 24kt gold plated iPhone 4S Crystal Bumpers. That’s right you don’t have to get your entire iPhone dipped in […]