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    HTC Rezound (Verizon), the Beats Audio Review

    The HTC Rezound may look like just another Android 4G LTE smartphone, but it sounds altogether completely different, thanks to the onboard Beats Audio technology. Not so long ago HTC and the Beats by Dr. Dre brand got in bed together and promised to make sweet sweet music. How did they plan on doing this? […]

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    Motorola Droid RAZR Gets Flashy New White Color

    FIrst the iPhone 4 did it, than the Samsung Galaxy S II, and now the Motorola DROID RAZR for Verizon Wireless is getting a white version too. Because you know, white is the new black.Starting tomorrow, the new color for the  DROID RAZR is available for $299 with a two-year contract. For a limited time, […]

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    Motorola DROID RAZR 4G LTE Review (Verizon)

    Motorola’s DROID RAZR takes two of Motorola’s most successful phones series and merges them together. In particular, the DROID RAZR brings the prowess of the DROID series and combines it with the super skinny yet strong form factor that has traditionally been associated with the RAZR series. Is the DROID RAZR 4G LTE for Verizon […]

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    HTC Rezound with Beats Audio, Hands-on Photos

    HTC and Verizon have announced the new Rezound smartphone with Beats Audio. If you’re serious music, or maybe you’re an audiophile altogether, than this could be the phone for you. The Rezound comes with Beats Audio dsp technology under the hood, plus HTC is bundling a special pair of Beats by Dr. Dre in-ear headphones […]

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    iPhone 4S Stands for Siri and Sprint

    Apple’s press conference in Cupertino today wasn’t the announcement of the iPhone 5 that many were expecting, but the iPhone 4S, coming to stores on October 12th, isn’t just a rehash of the iPhone 4. It might look that way on the surface, but Apple has turned to the inner workings of their hit smartphone […]

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    Hands-On with the HTC Rhyme, the Accessory Driven Smartphone

    Rumor of the HTC Bliss, a phone designed specifically for women from HTC, has circulated for several months now. Today, HTC finally revealed this new fashion oriented and it’s being called the HTC Rhyme. But although HTC is not labeling the device straight out as a phone for women, it’s pretty obvious that this phone […]

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    Pantech Breakout Smartphone Lands at Verizon with 4G LTE in Tow

    Verizon Wireless has just announced the Pantech Breakout, this new Android smartphone packs in Verion’s 4G LTE technology. That means that the phone is capable of download speeds between 5 and 12Mpbs, and upload speeds of between 2 and 5Mbps. Under the hood, the device is running Android 2.3 Gingerbread and it sports a 1GHz […]

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    Motorola Droid 3 Review

    The Motorola Droid 3 from Verizon Wireless is the third generation in the popular Droid series. But that isn’t its only claim to fame – it also claims to be the world’s thinnest QWERTY slider smartphone. But aside for keeping it slim, the phone packs in an excellent 4-inch qHD display, a 1GHz Dual-core processor, […]

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    Verizon Rolls Out Motorola Droid 3, Thinnest QWERTY Smartphone

    Verizon has announced official pricing and availability for their upcoming Droid 3. With a dedicated slide-out QWERTY keyboard, the Motorola Droid 3 keeps the same form-factor as its predecessor, but it now it is able to claim special status as the world’s thinnest full QWERTY smartphone. Under the hood the Motorola Droid 3 is packing […]

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    Motorola Droid X2 Review (Verizon)

    The Motorola Droid X2 from Verizon Wireless isn’t just another phone in the Droid Series. Running on a Dual-core 1GHz Processor, the Droid X2 screams speed. It also sports a lovely 4.3″ qHD Display, an 8MP Camera,the ability to record in 720p, along with the ability to output a 1080p signal to an HDTV via […]

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    HTC Trophy is Verizon’s First Windows Phone 7 Smartphone

    It certainly took long enough, but a Windows Phone 7 device has finally landed at Verizon Wireless. The HTC Trophy is a pretty standard Windows Phone 7. The device lacks a dedicated QWERTY keyboard, but it sports a 3.8 inch WVGA touchscreen and runs on a 1GHz Snapdragon processor. It also packs in Surround sound […]

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    Motorola Droid X2 is Verizon’s First Dual-Core Android Phone

    Motorola has announced that the Droid X2 will be soon making its way over to Verizon Wireless. The Android smartphone will be the first smartphone on Verizon’s network to sport a speedy dual-core 1GHz processor. No longer do Verizon customers have to be envious of the Motorola Atrix’s dual-core prowess. With the dual-core processor inside […]

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    Verizon and AT&T Wireless Both Make Calls Free to Japan

    The two bigs, AT&T and Verizon Wireless, have both announced that in order to help out with the earthquake and tsunami aftermath efforts, their wireless customers can now make free calls to Japan. For Verizon post-paid customers, this offer is good from March 11th through April 10th, and it also includes free text messages to […]

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    Motorola Xoom Cases Start to Roll Out

    The Motorola Xoom has just launched and already the cases are starting to make an appearance. The first of which is from ZooGue. The Case Genius for the Motorola Xoom is styled to look no different than similar iPad cases and it features the ability to adjust to any angle as well an innovative velcro […]