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    Apple TV Finally Gets a 4K HDR Upgrade

    To their credit, Apple often enough tends to wait to jump on trends until they’ve picked up enough steam. That seems to be the case with 4K HDR — the technology was always convincing, but for a while, there simply wasn’t enough 4K HDR content to make the new hardware worth it to the mainstream consumer. […]

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    The Good Old Xbox 360 is Still Getting New Features Thanks to Hulu

    Usually in the tech industry these days, we’re just happy when hardware gets more than two years of consistent support — let alone 10 more on top of that! Today brings good news for Xbox 360 owners, the last-gen video game console from Microsoft that preceded the Xbox One. Hulu has made their new streaming interface […]

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    Here Are the Best Ways to Stream NFL Preseason Games

    The wait is over. The NFL preseason is officially underway, and we’re coming up on the only week of preseason that really matters — week three. This is when teams get a good, long look at the guys who will be doing most of the damage in the regular season, so if you want to […]

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    TCL C Series 65” 4K UHD Roku Smart TV Review

    TCL isn’t just about tech in 2017. Their new line of televisions include the C Series sets, which combine the company’s flagship tech with elegant, contemporary design. The TCL C Series TVs are the thinnest TCL has to offer, and while the company has made some sacrifices to get the sets that thin, that premium design combined […]

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    ZVOX SB380 Soundbar Review

    I love my flat panel TV, and chances are that you love yours too. But, I certainly don’t love its speaker system — especially when it comes to dialogue. I find myself constantly raising the volume during dialogue heavy scenes, only to get rattled by a commercial or a loud background sound effect. Sometimes I’m forced to […]

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    David Letterman is Getting His Own Show on Netflix

    Have you seen a picture of David Letterman recently? If you have, you know that he’s rocking a gigantic white beard that is among the world’s best at present. Can’t get enough of that beard? Good news! It and Letterman are coming back to TV, kinda. Letterman will be making his return on Netflix for […]

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    How to Use an Antenna to Get Free TV in Your Home

    The cost of watching TV has skyrocketed over the past few years, and it’s gotten to a point where a lot of people are fed up. The worst part is that you have people paying over $200 per month for a cable package of hundreds of channels when they only want to watch a handful […]

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    Netflix is the Top Streaming Service by Leaps and Bounds

    Netflix has been getting a lot of competition lately. Amazon has been producing their own original series for years now, with Hulu and YouTube jumping into the fray more recently. Even Snap and Facebook are getting in on the action! Too bad they’ve got a long way to go — the latest numbers indicate Netflix is […]

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    That 77″ LG Wallpaper TV Has a Price Tag, and It’s HUGE!

    We always see loads of cool stuff at CES, but one of the TVs LG brought to the show this year exceeded the usual lofty expectations. Their 77″ Signature OLED TV W is so thin, mounting it to the wall looks more like applying wallpaper. Being an OLED, being 77″, and being super thin, we […]

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    5 Tips to Stream NFL Games Without Cable This Season

    The NFL is the most popular sport in the United States. All throughout the country, people block off entire Sundays in order to watch football all day long. There’s no reason you should be missing out, even if the best way for you to watch the games is by streaming. In fact, in 2017 it’s easier than […]

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    The Stunning Samsung Frame TV is Available Now

    Every year at CES, Samsung surprises with a designer TV set — there was the pedestal set in 2015, followed by the TV that looked like an ‘I’ in sans serif font from last year. The pedestal set was designed by Yves Behar, and for this year’s set, Samsung worked with him again to create the […]

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    Sling TV’s DVR Features Just Got Significantly Improved

    Now that there are so many streaming TV services, competition is really heating up. That means more and more features, and the most requested features almost always involve DVR. Streaming live TV is great, but until we all have 24/7 free time, DVR is going to be non-negotiable for anyone who wants to ditch cable. […]

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    Samsung Brings Their New QLED Display to This Humongous Gaming Monitor

    Samsung came to CES earlier this year with a brand new set of premium panels using their QLED technology. QLED isn’t quite like OLED, but it does offer something approaching that level of performance, guaranteeing a wide color gamut and high contrast while being much cheaper and more durable. If that sounds awesome for PC […]

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    Top 5 Pieces of Equipment for Cord Cutters in 2017

    As cord cutting becomes more and more popular, it’s worth it to point out that there’s no right way to cut the cord. Some will do it slowly by cutting down their cable package until it’s all streaming. Others just cut the cord and jump into streaming head first. No matter how you end up […]

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    Doctor Who Recap Season 10 Episode 5: Oxygen

    **Spoiler Warning – spoilers ahead for Doctor Who season 10 episode 5 “Oxygen”. Stop reading if you don’t want to know what happens! Most of the episodes so far in Doctor Who season 10 have had a little bit of levity in them. The introduction of the new companion Bill Potts and the banter between […]

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    Guardian of the Galaxy Vol. 2 IMAX Review

    Warning: Some minor spoilers lay ahead. Guardian of the Galaxy Vol. 2 begins not too long after the previous movie left off. You’re introduced to the adorable Baby Groot, who will immediately win audiences’ hearts with his funky dance moves. The script is quite hilarious from the start, with plenty of laughs to be had. […]