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    Spotify Rolls Out Updated App to 2015 and 2016 Samsung Smart TVs

    Spotify is rolling out a big update to their Samsung Smart TV app, but not all Samsung smart televisions will have access to it. Those owning 2015 or 2016 models will get the update, with owners of older models retaining the existing version of the app. This week’s update optimizes Spotify’s interface for the big […]

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    LeEco Enters the U.S. Market With Phones, TVs, Bikes, VR, and a Streaming Platform to Tie it All Together

    LeEco is a new name to the United States, but don’t consider it an upstart — formerly Letv, the company that started off as a streaming content provider has grown into a behemoth in its native China. LeEco now makes hardware of all kinds, all of which is infused with their services and software. They describe themselves […]

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    Hisense is Releasing Much Cheaper Large-Size 4k HDR TVs

    Hisense is gunning for Samsung and LG this week, announcing their very first televisions over 65″ in size. Not only are they big, the best option has technology similar to what Samsung uses in their high-end televisions, but at a much lower price. They might not be quite as good as those more expensive televisions, but those […]

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    Roku Refreshes Their Lineup With More 4K Options and a $30 Streaming Stick

    Roku is bringing a fresh lineup of streaming devices to the fall tech season this year. Their entire range is being overhauled with five new devices. They’re making some of last year’s premium features a little cheaper in the process, while adding some new premium features and offering their cheapest streamer yet with the $30 […]

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    Volume is the First Step Toward Affordable Holograms

    Microsoft made a big fuss about holograms with their upcoming HoloLens, and while HoloLens is cool, we have to take some points off for needing a headset to see those holograms. We all watched The Jetsons, we know we’re not supposed to need a headset. Well, a company called Looking Glass gets it. They’ve put the […]

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    Philips Jumps into OLED TVs With the 55-inch Ambilight 901F

    OLED displays are the next big thing in smartphones, but they’ve been the next big thing in televisions. Samsung and LG were two of the earliest adopters of the new technology, which has better color contrast than LCD televisions, and last week we saw another television giant get on board. The Ambilight 901F is Philips’ […]

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    Samsung Goes Upscale with Serif TV, a 4K Designer Television

    Samsung, content with their dominance in the world of regular super fancy, ultra high definition televisions, wants to make waves in interior design, too. And, when the angle is abstract as designing a television based on a font, you know we’re talking about high art. Here’s a big surprise — it’s thick! It’s the thickest television […]

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    Sling TV Adds BBC America, USA, Bravo, Syfy, and Local NBC Networks

    When Sling TV introduced their multi-stream service in beta earlier this year, it became possible to stream to up to three devices from one Sling TV unit. Pretty good, and while the multi-stream option ended up having more channels available than the single-stream option, there were still some notable omissions that made multi-stream hard to […]

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    Lynda Carter Will Play the U.S. President on Supergirl

    Lynda Carter is coming back to television, and she’s going to be playing a whole other kind of wonder woman. In season two of Supergirl, Lynda Carter will have a recurring role as the president of the United States. Who better? According to The Hollywood Reporter, Carter’s stint as the president will start on episode three of […]

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    Superman Will Be in Season Two of Supergirl

    After gratuitous use of shadows and text messages, the showrunners behind Supergirl can dance around the Man of Steel no more. Executive producer Andrew Kreisberg has announced that when season two starts on the CW, Superman will appear in full. Now — who’s going to play him? Kreisberg has offered no hints, and from his statement, it […]

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    AirBeamTV Lets You Mirror a Mac Screen to a Samsung Smart TV

    Like Liam Neeson, AirBeamTV has a very particular set of skills. Unlike Liam Neeson, AirBeamTV’s skills are a bit more nonviolent in nature. Their new app is out to solve a problem that we imagine a very small number of people have — wanting to put their MacBook’s display up on a Samsung Smart TV without […]

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    CBS Drops Nancy Drew Series For Being “Too Feminine”, Internet Not Happy

    If you ask us, this is a blow to women everywhere. Just when we were thinking things were better for women in television CBS decided to not pick up the highly anticipated new updated Nancy Drew series featuring a 30-something Nancy who is now a professional detective played by Sarah Shahi (Person of Interest). According to Deadline, “the pilot […]

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    Archie and the Gang Are Coming to the CW in Riverdale TV Show

    Hail, hail the gang’s all here. And this isn’t just any gang. This is Archie, Veronica, Betty and Jughead. That’s right. The CW has ordered the Greg Berlanti-produced series Riverdale about the famous comic book high schoolers. The series will be based on the Archie Comics characters, Riverdale, and will take place in the present day (so the gang will […]

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    Supergirl Gets Renewed for Season 2 and is Moving to the CW

    It was a rough week for freshmen TV series as The Grinder, Grandfathered, CSI: Cyber (James Van Der Beek can just not catch a break) and Family were all given the axe. Even veteran hit Nashville was canceled after four seasons. But there was one show that has been given the chance to soar to new […]

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    Amazon is Taking On YouTube With Amazon Video Direct

    Amazon is looking to lure in more professional and semi-professional media creators from the likes of Netflix with their new Amazon Video Direct service, and they’ve got a pretty good pitch to do it. The new service helps those creators make money off all of their content in any way they want. On the consumer […]

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    Sling TV Better Watch Out, Hulu Will Soon Stream Live TV

    It’s only going to get harder for cable companies to keep up. Streaming live television services like Sling TV are becoming more attractive as they add more cable channels to their offerings, and now an established player is joining their ranks. This week in New York, Hulu CEO Mike Hopkins announced that Hulu is developing […]