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    Bose VideoWave II System Debuts for the One Percent

    About two years ago, Bose unveiled its first all-in-one entertainment system offering – the Bose VideoWave Entertainment System, a flat panel television with built-in surround sound speakers, paired with a separate console for the purpose of attaching peripheral devices. Now, Bose is rolling out an update to that television – the Bose VideoWave II.

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    Monster Goes Back to Basics with First Smart HDMI Cable

    HDMI cables are pretty common these days. You can get them on the (relative) cheap, and they’ll help give you picture quality that far surpasses anything we could have imagined only years ago. But hey, maybe that’s not good enough. Maybe you need an expensive HDMI cable that provides a little extra bump (maybe) to […]

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    Belkin Takes on SlingBox with @TV

    Belkin has just announced three new products. Firstly, their 5G 802.11AC next generation wireless router boasts gigabit speeds and intelligent QoS. Secondly, they’ve introduced @TV, a SlingBox competitor that can stream your home television to any device, anywhere, and at a lower cost. Lastly, Belkin is getting into the home automation market with their WeMo […]

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    Ryan Seacrest Reinvents Draw Something App as TV Show

    Back in the day before the Internet made it big, Pictionary was the premier drawing game. Furiously hand-scrawled awful drawings, cries of “That’s what that was supposed to be? Are you serious?” and all kinds of other good times. It even got the game show treatment.

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    D-Link Takes on Roku and Apple TV with Movienite Plus

    Whether it’s Western Digital, Apple, or Roku, everyone is trying to get in on the streaming entertainment box action, and now D-Link has joined the fray with their new DSM-21 Movienite Plus. The Movienite Plus comes with Vudu, Netflix, Pandora, Picasa, YouTube, Hulu Plus, and Amazon, all read to stream out of the box. Plus, […]

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    Samsung and a Victoria’s Secret Model Make the Smart TV Even Sexier

    Samsung could have made an advertisement video focusing on the core features of their new flagship Samsung ES8000 Smart TV which includes cutting edge new features like voice and gesture control, and face recognition. Or, they could use the tried and true method of using a woman wearing little in the way of clothing. Which […]

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    LG Shows Off Next Gen Google TV at Internet Week

    At Internet Week in New York, an event running from May 14 to May 17, LG officially announced its entry into the next generation of Google TVs. The models, which will be coming in 47” and 55” inch varieties, will feature LG’s dual-core L9 processors and will try to improve upon the first generation of […]

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    Epson Moverio BT-100 is an Android-based See-Through Wearable Display

    Wearable Display glasses have been around for a while now, but Epson’s new Moverio BT-100 are the world’s first Android-based See-Through wearable display glasses. Because, yep, it seems like they are putting Android in EVERYTHING nowadays. These futuristic glasses in particular, are able to immerse users in what feels like an 80 inch “floating” screen. […]

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    Samsung Smart TV Snags HBO GO App

    As of today, Samsung Smart TV owners who are also cable subscribers can access all episodes of HBO shows on demand using the HBO GO App. Well, some owners can, at least.

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    ArtMotion Turns Your Smart TV into a Smart Contemporary Painting

    If you have a Smart TV, you’re probably loving it. You have the LED/LCD display, the Internet functionality – it’s awesome. But, ArtMotion thinks they can make just a little bit better. After all, once you turn the Smart TV off, you’re still stuck with just a black screen on the wall.

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    Samsung Optical Smart Hub SE-208BW Review

    Samsung’s Optical Smart Hub SE-208BW is a soon-to-be-available device that is in a category of it’s own. The Optical Smart Hub appears to be an external CD/DVD burner, but it’s so much more. It’s a “media hub” that will wirelessly stream and transfer any sort of data between your Android, an optical disk, and a […]

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    Sony Bravia TV Marries the Internet in Vegas

    A trip to Las Vegas wouldn’t be complete without attending a wedding! Sony last week decided to throw the most lavish wedding at the Bellagio to celebrate the union of the Television and the Internet. The wedding took place fittingly enough during CES 2012. It might seem a little bit silly, but in all honesty […]