TENQA SP-109 Bluetooth Stereo Speaker Review

DSC0069 Tenqa’s SP-109 Bluetooth Stereo Speaker is a compact wireless speaker system compatible with most Bluetooth devices including iPod Touch, iPhone, Laptops, and other Bluetooth A2DP mp3 players/cell phones. It has a slim desktop design and weighs in at mere 2 pounds. Our review sample box included the SP-109, with attached power cable, an axillary cable, and a small easy-to-read manual.


If you’ve ever used any Bluetooth device before, then you will find the set-up is painless. If you’re a noob to bluetooth it will take just a few minutes to thumb through the manual and figure it out. I had the SP-109 streaming music from my iPhone less than a minute after it’s unboxing. Set-up involved plugging the device into the wall, turning it on, and “pairing”. Bluetooth streaming is compatible with both Mac and PCs, although the set up process will differ. No software required. Also, the SP-109 has an aux line-in, which means no mp3 player left behind.


The Tenqa SP-109 is a good-looking device. Its sleek looking design will complement any desktop. Its ultra-slim form makes it a great set of speakers to place in any room (the bathroom is no exception). It even has a nice indented handle on the back which makes it easy to move around.

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Performance and Audio Quality:

The SP-109 had a very impressive wireless range. The streaming quality was not compromised while I hid my iPhone in various rooms around the house. The sound quality in general, though, is not amazing. It’s good, especially for the price, but will not satisfy those looking for superior sound quality. The volume can be cranked up pretty high, which is definitely nice. There are no Bluetooth volume controls on the iPod/iPhone at the moment, so you will have to adjust the volume on the device when necessary. The lack of delay while streaming audio between the device and the speakers was quite impressive as well.  Some Bluetooth speakers have a delay of a few seconds, which gets annoying when flipping through tracks.


For a price point of just under $50 on Amazon (may be limited time), the SP-109 is a great product to just have. The SP-109 is also a great gift, Bluetooth stereo speakers are still a rarity, and mp3 speakers always come in handy. Don’t forget you can place this product anywhere without having to worry about having to access it to change the music or add a playlist. The SP-109 will not automatically connect to your device while in proximity, which is actually nice if you don’t want your iPhone/iPod/Laptop battery being drained while not in use.

The Good: Impressive wireless range. Easy to setup even for newbies to Bluetooth. Portable and supports many types of audio players. Affordable.

The Bad: Sound quality is a bit weak.

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