Terminator 2 Judgment Day Endoskull Replica Glows and Plays the Theme Song

TN00711lgThe next time you are stuck inviting people over to your house that you don’t want, why not sit them in a dimly lit room and and put this bad boy on. The new Terminator 2 Judgment Day T-800 1:1 Scale Endoskull Replica is bound to scare the crap out of them and send them running out of the room or curse at you like Christian Bale. Not only is this realistic looking replica badass to look at, you can switch it on and its eyes light up and the Terminator theme emanates from it too. It’s the T-800 in all its Terminator 2 glory, but it doesn’t come cheap as it retails for $599.99 and is currently on pre-order at Entertainment Earth.


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