Tech From a Small Island: Katie Price Launches iPod Nano Line and Fashion Blogging Songs

This August the UK saw the launch of the biggest Apple store the world has ever known! It landed on our shores with fanfare, becoming an instant tourist attraction, and a great place to sneakily check your emails in a lunch break. We’ve also seen one of our tabloid queens launch her very own iPod range (whilst bedecked in silver tinfoil) and have eagerly devoured news of a brand new Wii Hairdressing computer game that lets you tend tresses with a wave of your arms. So much for feeling a technology drought pre IFA!

Busy Scissors Wii Hairdressing Game
A visit to the hairdresser should be a relaxing event, but life is never that simple is it? What should be a straightforward trim, turns into a fraught filled afternoon, fielding question about where you’re holidaying, whilst desperately checking that the stylist isn’t being creative with the hairdressers inch (where you ask for one inch of hair to be removed and then five inches go because they spotted a stray split end). The Busy Scissors Game lets you experience this fun for yourself, but from the other side of the chair.
The game fully utilizes the Wii interface and allows you to shampoo, condition and style hair, whilst trying to keep the customers happy. Your Wii can turn into a variety of salon tools, and they’ve created it to reflect items that are available nowadays, with info such as ‘heats to 230 degrees’ about the straighteners on offer. The game seems to be part challenge, part RPG as you struggle to create  successful salon and make clients happy, as well as wave your arms around as you trim hair. There are four game modes, 35 hairstyles and you can work your way up to Salon Owner if you’re good…

Will you be signing up to rinse and repeat? Out in October, price TBA

Katie Price iPod Range
Every country has one fame hungry celebrity that never leaves the front page of the newspaper. The USA has  a Lindsay Lohan or Paris Hilton and her ridiculous ‘That’s Hot’ trademark, the UK gets Katie Price, a.k.a Jordan, a glamour model turned businesswoman who has a penchant for fake tan, tiny skirts and peddling every sort of product imaginable. From perfumes to books (ghost written) and even a couture horse riding line, we thought we had seen it all- till now.

Katie Price has just announced that she will be selling her own range of branded iPods, each decorated with laser etched butterflies, star and hearts, and the word Princess. To promote it she held a press conference dressed as what can only be described as a life sized iPod, with iPod Nano’s for earrings! She revealed that the designs are based around the tattoos she has, which are pretty easy (but sometimes X rated) to find on Google. The iPods come in Touch, Nano and Shuffle varieties and you can choose from pink, purple and silver colourways. They’re sure to appeal to teen girls looking to add some bling to their life, and will no doubt help her continue her goal of world domination. See, the USA doesn’t have a monopoly on tack! Pity us poor Brits who have to deal with her antics daily…Get them here from £95 and up.

Laura Ashley Teapot Lamp
It’s no secret that us Brits love our tea, and a day doesn’t really start until we’ve had our cuppa. This reputation of tea drinking has lead to us enjoying a wide variety of High Teas (Enid Blyton style) and enjoying a teatime of a drink and biscuits every afternoon. Those who like to drink with a more Royal flavour can even enjoy tea and scones at Buckingham palace!
Laura Ashley, the British doyenne of interior design has taken inspiration from this tradition and created a monarchy worthy piece of lighting, a stunning teapot lamp. Designed to look like it’s created from fine china, this piece will add style to any room, and is a great way to express your love of tea.
Now you just have to decide whether to go for the Earl Grey or Jasmine variety (joke).
£50 from Laura Ashley

The Fashion Blogging Song

Blogging has taken off big time in the UK, with much love for fashion bloggers. We may have taken a little longer to get here than our friends from across the pond, but bloggers are now cherished for the unbiased content they produce and the effort they make in creating beautiful posts with astounding images (and often in their spare time). It seems only right that we gift the fashion blogging elite with something to show them how much we care, and this comes in the form of the Fashion Blogging Song.

Produced by 2b3 it features the artist Lil’ London getting lyrical with some of the most famous of the UK’s fashion blogs. It namedrops Susie Bubble, Disney Rollergirl and Style Salvage (plus more!) and does so in a rather amusing manner. I love the line, “You know what’s hot so I Google your blogspots, and follow the links to all the hot shops”. Genius.  Now when will Chip Chick get its own song? I’m waiting…

Biggest Apple store in the world opens in London
The cult of the Apple lives on, with people welcoming the iPad into their life with glee, despite its rather limited uses. Oh well, at least they get the cool factor, and that’s pretty important right? What does Apple do when it hasn’t got anything new to make the front pages? Why, create the biggest Apple store the world has ever known to celebrate the fact that it now has 300 stores worldwide. The location for the store? Our very own Covent Garden, a Mecca for tourists and people offering all you can eat buffets for a fiver.

The store has three floors, a large courtyard area and two glass staircases to make it look light and airy. It was designed to combine ye olde English brickwork (dating back to 1876) with a light airy aesthetic, perhaps to show how Apple is relevant to all ages. The store features all the usual Apple offerings such as kids areas, Genius Bars and scheduled workshops, as well as a business centre where they can encourage businesses to buy into the Steve Jobs mantra. Paper has become redundant in store as all employees are equipped with iPod Touches which use the Easy pay Touch system to take payments for items. The store is quite exciting, but I still don’t think it merits inclusion as a tourist attraction…

Death by Google Streetview
For years (well since 2007) people have worried about the privacy infringement that Google Streetview has into their lives. From housewives worried their topless sunbathing will be picked up by voyeurs to people who think that scammers will use number plate details to somehow rip them off, it tends to cause controversy in any conversation. After all, unless you’re house hunting or visiting a new area, what exactly is the POINT of all that captured data?

Well it seemed that Street View could double as a useful crime fighting tool when shocking images of a supposed hit and run were discovered online. Local residents quickly called Google to try and solve the crime, as they were worried about the pictures of the girl lying face down in the street. This turned out to be a worry about nothing, as the ten year old girl was completely fine, she had just happened to be ‘playing dead’ at precisely the same time that the Google Streetcars happened to be in the area. We’re glad she’s safe, but this ruins the theory that StreetView can double as a detective service. I guess it’s back to searching for celebrity homes online…

[Via: The Daily Mail]


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