dreamGear Says “Me Want Cookies” with New Sesame Street Line of Headphones and Cases

It’s nice to know that Sesame Street always has kids best interest at heart. The new line of headphones is a great example of that. It looks out for their hearing by limiting volume, and gives them a long cable so they don’t have to sit too close to the TV. The line of cases for iPhone, iPad, and TPU shows consideration for you by using sturdy materials like rubberized hard plastic, and silicone. Here are some more details:

“Elmo and Cookie Monster Sculpted Headphones and Travel Headphones – The sculpted headphones ($24.99) feature a large over the ear design for passive noise cancelling, and a beautiful 3D sculpt of Elmo or Cookie Monster, making them fun and easy for children to use. The 85dB sound-limiting feature reduces worry about harming children’s hearing by restricting the volume, and the long cable allows children to sit farther away from the screen when used with large televisions. The travel headphones, with an image of Elmo or Cookie Monster, are smaller, lighter and fold flat for convenience. ($19.99)

Elmo and Cookie Monster Plush Cases and TPU Cases for the iPad – The Elmo and Cookie Monster Plush Cases for the Apple iPad protect the screen of the iPad. The cover folds back into a stand for viewing and working on the iPad. The case comes in a soft, comfortable, plush fabric version, with the face of Elmo or Cookie Monster embroidered on the front. ($39.99)  The Elmo and Cookie Monster TPU Case for the iPad is a rubberized hard plastic case featuring the faces of the character printed on the back. ($24.99)

Elmo and Cookie Monster Silicone Cases for the iPhone 3G/3GS, iPhone 4, and iPod touch – The form-fitting design of these cases protect the iPhone and iPod touch against nicks and scratches. They are made of food grade non-toxic silicone for safety and easy cleaning.   Available in single packs of either Elmo or Cookie Monster (MSRP – $14.99), and double packs featuring both characters. ($24.99)”

See dreamGear for more details.

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