Speakal BTS8 Office Phone with Integrated Computer Can Video Chat

Apparently you can put a computer in ANYTHING these days. Speakal has released and announced numerous products at this year’s CES, most notably (to fans of the BBC) are the Tardis and Top Gear iPhone docks and speakers. Their latest announcement debuts the new phone/personal computer hybrid which is creatively called the BTS8.

The BTS8 combines a Windows 7 OS with an office phone system. A 5” LCD display will allow users to use the Windows OS to manage and record their calls, answer emails, and video chat with the built in webcam via Skype. The phone can also receive faxes, sms text messages, plays music, surfs the web, manages your contacts, and keeps a calendar. Oh and it can also make phone calls. All of that is bundled into an appropriately boring and office appropriate black chassis.

So this is essentially a larger and less portable smartphone for the office, so we are left to wonder what will happen if gets the blue screen of death?

No information was given as to pricing or availability. Keep an eye on Speakal for upcoming information.