Nextel and Motorola Mobility Debut i786w Cell Phone Made For Women in Peru

Well if you live in Peru, you are in luck, if you happen to be a woman that is… Because Motorola Mobility and Nextel announced the release  of the new Motorola i786w for women. The Motorola i786w is an all pink mobile phone featuring colors and engraved patterns that will appeal to a good amount of ladies out there who are not looking for a smartphone but just a feminine cell phone.

“Today’s women deserve an innovative device that meets all their needs—at work, at home and on the weekends. The new Motorola i786w, including our unique Direct Connect (radio) service with access to Nextel’s network, makes sure they are connected at every moment of their busy day,” said Carlos Jáuregui, product and services manager, Nextel Peru.


The Motorola i786w is a folding device available in purple and gray. It offers  a 2-megapixel camera with 4X digital zoom, stereo MP3 player, Bluetooth, Web-based WAP browsing, microUSB port and agenda. 

Besides its 180MB internal memory, the phone includes a 2GB memory card to expand the device’s multimedia file storage capacity.

It lastly features a dual-color display – an internal high-quality 2-inch display, and a external 1.6-inch display which allows you to view messages and calls without opening the device. So how many ladies are flying to Peru to get this?