Retro-Style Grand Cordless Phone Makes it Cool to Have a Landline


Assuming you still use a landline, or even a VOIP line, then it’s surely time you upgraded your handset to something a bit more chic. We recommend the Grand Cordless Phone from PBTeen. This retro-style phone, might look like a corded phone of tester year, but it’s actually a cordless phone that packs in modern day tech like caller ID, and a directory for holding upto 10 names and numbers. Plus, for an additional $7.00 you can even customize the side of it with your name. So sure, the Grand Cordless Phone is a bit pricey at $99, but it’s cool enough that when your friends see it, they might forget to make fun of you for still having a landline.

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  1. from where can i buy this phone (
    Grand Cordless Phone has a chic retro look please tell…)