V-Moda for True Blood REVAMP In-Ear Headphones Review

V-Moda for True Blood REVAMP are low-profile in-ear headphones that exude that True Blood sexiness – much like the V-Moda True Blood V-80 On Ear Headphones do, and just about all the V-Moda audio products. If you are familiar with the V-Moda Vibrato and Remix Remote – the REVAMP could be considered the offspring of those two because it sports the best features of those two in-ear headphones. Resulting in solid construction, sleek design, and sound quality.  Add a little vamp to the mix and you got yourself one wicked pair of in-ear headphones.

What’s in the Box

* V-Moda for True Blood – REVAMP  In-Ear Headphones
* Four Pairs of Bliss 2.0 Fittings That Range from Size Large to Small
* True Blood Carrying Pouch
* Active Flex Detachable Sport Earhooks


REVAMP is truly trying to vamp it up. These in-ear headphones pay tribute to True Blood just about everywhere – from the Chinese lettering on the earbuds that translate to “Tru Blood” to the black and red touches all over.  There is also the aircraft-grade aluminum silver bullet microphone that doubles as a necklace pendant, this too sports the True Blood logo.

For those who always complain that the silicone tips that are included with in-ear headphones are always to big for their ear canals, V-Moda has included four different sized silicone tips. The smallest pair is designed for those with really tiny ear canals. If you have a small ear canal –  this pair of tips might be your saving grace.  Being a woman with small ear canals – I was very appreciative of these small tips.

The look of the earbud itself is also very similar to that of the Remix Remote, with its etched design on the earbuds. However the craftsmanship of the REVAMP’s are much higher with the addition of the fabric cable as well as the overall construction. As a matter of fact, the REVAMP is made so well that they might surpass the lifespans of both Eric and Bill.

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Sound Quality

Just like the True Blood V-80 headphones, the REVAMPs are similar in the way that both provide a truly balanced experience. REVAMP features 9mm V-Masque drivers that promise to deliver lush bass, crisp mids, and highs.  In addition there is the inclusion of the BEATPORT that is supposed to deliver a 3D – live music experience and when listening to live performances – it does exhibit that, especially on tracks that are not necessarily bass heavy.

The REVAMP certainly produces a significant amount of bass, but its strengths lie in the highs and mids. On audio files at 1000kbps or higher we experienced very slight distortion on highs but this is probably insignificant to most, since typical audio files found on devices range from 192 kbps to 320kbps. On those more traditional bitrates, music sounded balanced and fluid throughout. Vocals shined on these headphones and sounded as if they were in the room singing to you in your face. And once again if you are bass bloodsucker, the REVAMP produces bass, but at very controlled levels to not overshadow the other sonics being reproduced.

Another nice touch is the tight sound isolation these in-ear headphones provide you with. You are pretty much isolated from everyone around you, as the Bliss fittings give a seal that won’t let anyone get between you and your music – expect for maybe a siren from a police car.

After 30 hours or so listening to different genres of music, the drivers began to warm up and the REVAMP listening experience only got better. So you will want to give them some burn-in time before making any harsh judgments about sound quality.


The one thing that the V-Moda for True Blood REVAMP  In -Ear Headphones don’t lack for, is fashion sense. Its subtle stylish accents, comfort, homage to True Blood,  and sound reproduction offer a complete package. But looking past the True Blood tie-in, the REVAMP exudes solid construction,  sound isolation, and fittings that will fit the smallest of ear canals.  The inclusion of sport earhooks means you can take these on a nice run long if you are looking to achieve Alcide’s muscle tone. Lastly, its one button remote mic worked very well on several different types of phones we tested it on. Both the caller and receiver were heard loud and clear.

Overall the REVAMPS are certainly a step-up from those white Apple buds, and for those who thirst for a decent music listening experience. The REVAMP will normally retail for $120 but they will be offered for a discounted price of $99.99 throughout Season 4 of True Blood.

The Good: Solid Construction. Perfect for the more fashionably inclined. Exhibits strong highs and mids with an overall balanced output.   A variety of fittings are included for those with the biggest to the smallest ear canal. Excellent sound isolation. Lots of special design touches included for True Blood fans.

The Bad: Those who thirst for bass might want to look elsewhere. Sport Hooks might not work to well for those with smaller ears. At extremely high bitrates – there was some slight distortion.