Latest Survey Shows People Choose Tech Over Family

Your family or your gadget? Well, according to a new Intel survey conducted by Kelton Research, the majority of people surveyed would rather spend more time with their tech toys, rather than spend time with their loved ones.  Even comfort food doesn’t outweigh the devotion people have given to their gadgets. It appears that almost nothing can come between society and their trusted tech companions.

Some of the findings in the survey are quite – especially when loved ones seem to take a back seat to a smartphone or laptop. Check out some of the survey results below, and next year if your family member decides to not come by for a visit – don’t blame him/her – blame their new tech toy…

*About three in five Americans would not give up a week of using their gadgets in order to spend the holiday season with family.  I know I wouldn’t.

*Singles and Non-Parents love their tech and wouldn’t trade it in for seven days to increase spending more time with relatives over those who are married or parents.

*Two in three Americans ( aged 18 to 44) would rather give up their favorite food than be without their fav tablet, laptop, etc.. for 12 months.

*Over 27 million Americans have hidden their gadgets so that they would only be used by themselves while about 21 million have said their device was broken, just so that it couldn’t be used. I’ve done that! It’s always the person who “just wants to see it for a minute” who breaks it  – no thanks.

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