Tetris Themed Lottery Tickets Land in New Jersey

As if we needed another excuse to gamble, Tetris themed lottery tickets have just arrived in New Jersey. The new $3 Tetris Tripler game offers players 15 chances to win up to $30,000 on the spot. A ticket also offers customers the opportunity to enroll in 10 second chance drawings by logging on-to the New Jersey Lottery’s website.

Like Pac-Man and Space Invaders, Tetris is one of those classic video games that just gets better with age. And you’ll know what we’re talking about if you’ve recently played it as a smartphone app. In any case, we’re totally digging the concept of  Tetris themed lottery tickets. But they have to bring them over to other states too!

That said, the concept of a Tetris themed lottery ticket isn’t new at all. back in 2006, Quebec started selling Tetris themed lotto tickets. That same year, Ohio started selling Pac-Man themed lottery tickets. But if you ask us, Pac-Man is sooo 2006, and Tetris is totally now.