iPhone App of the Week: Do I Have Depression App is Making Me Feel Depressed

Before I even get into the app, it’s best to stress this from the outset – if you think you are suffering from depression, do not rely on this app. Consult a mental health professional as soon as you possibly can. This app is not a replacement for professional care. Having said that, the Do I Have Depression App can be useful when used in the right way. The app is a survey of 34 questions related to your recent mood and behavior. The questions are the same as those commonly found on accepted psychological questionnaires based on research and used by mental health professionals. As the website suggests, it can be useful to take the test once a week for a while to establish consistency, but it’s worth repeating that if you believe you are suffering from depression, it’s best to walk away from this app and seek help from professional resources.

At the very least, you can use this app to get acquainted with some of the symptoms of depression, especially useful if you aren’t familiar with the field of mental health. At best, think of Do I Have Depression as a WebMD for mental health – an educational tool, but not one that can or should replace a professional opinion. The app is available now from the iTunes App Store for $0.99. That it’s a paid app is a little off-putting, but the educational merits of the app could make it worth a download. Check out the video and the oddly sinister sounding music in the background.