Sol Republic Tracks Headphones Review

Sol Republic is the brainchild of Kevin Lee formally of Monster Cable, who is no stranger when it comes to developing audio products, as well as Seth Combs who has been living and breathing the music and audio industry for years. Whether it be in PR marketing or the social media space.

Both have joined together to bring an affordable pair of cans to the masses that don’t directly compete with the formidable Beats by Dr. Dre brand or even those of head Monster Noel Lee (Kevin’s papa). The Sol Republic Headphones will be in a space all their own that will give consumers a shot at listening to their music at an affordable price, without having to give-up an entire month’s salary – while still maintaining a well rounded audio experience.


Sol Republic will be releasing both over the ear and in-ear headphones. The Sol Republic Tracks are the first out of the gate and they are an impressive pair of headphones to launch your company with.

On the whole, the design of the headphones are pretty simple with its matte headband. Where the beauty comes in lies in its ear cups which scream the ‘Sol’ logo. The ear cups are very comfy and hug your ears for long periods of time. The ear cups can also slide completely off the headband, which is quite an unusual and neat-trick for a pair of headphones.

Sol Republic plans on also releasing a wide assortment of different colored headbands. Since the ear cups slide completely off the headband, consumers will have fun swapping headbands around to match their style for the day, month, or year.   In regards to be being adjustable, they are extremely versatile and they fit heads of all sizes – large and small.

The Tracks are also very durable, the headband can be twisted and bent too, without breaking. You may bend these out of shape, but they wont break. The interior of the headband at the very top has a padded cushion that is is held on by adhesive. So if you bend the headphones too much, that’s the only part of the headphones that start to give away – but not so much, and only if you bend the headphones to a horizontal extreme.

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So how good is the ‘Soundtrack of your life’ sound from these Sol Republic Track Headphones? For the price point, it’s pretty damn good. The Tracks certainly differ in comparison to the Beats, as they are not overall bass driven. Instead these provide a warmth and balance to the songs that play through the headphones. Highs and mids are lush and give you a clear and crisp listening experience. The low end is a bit weaker, as this is not the main focal point of these headphones. Still, the low end is certainly very relevant and makes an impact where it’s important. So for those who have been depriving their ears a decent listening experience, most will find the bass output of the Sol Republic Tracks Headphones sublime.

Another nice touch is the inclusion of a mic and remote for using with your smartphone or iPhone. Callers heard me very clearly, as I did them. The remote worked consistently well with any type of phone I used.

The Tracks did experience a bit of distortion though if you turned the volume way up, or hit it with tracks that had an extreme amount of highs or deep low end. It’s not so evident when the volume is at a normal level, but turn it up and you can start to hear a bit of static grumbling in the background.


The Sol Republic Tracks are easy on the ears, the eyes, and easy on the wallet. What more could you ask for? It offers those consumers who have been slaves to the white earbuds the freedom to move on to an affordable, fashionable, and basically indestructible pair of headphones. The swappable headbands that will eventually be available will only entice hipsters even more to match them to their high-top sneakers. Furthermore, the Track’s sound quality will just keep making others come back for more. That said, the Tracks may not compare to those other avant-garde headphones on the market with their sticker shock prices and extreme low end details, but for the price and look, the Sol Republic Tracks are definitely a great buy that you can’t go wrong with.

The Good: Very comfortable to wear. Sound reproduced is warm, inviting and balanced. Headphones are nearly indestructible. Good price point.

The Bad: Audio cable needs to be connected to both ear cups on the headphones – and I’m a single cable kind of gal. Sound quality tends to degrade a bit when the volume is pushed to its limits.

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