Intel and Vice Bring the Creators Project Back to New York

Arts, Music, and Technology — what more could we want? The Creators Project  is “a global network dedicated to the celebration of creativity, culture and technology.” The Multi-Day exhibition has been making its way around the world for over a year already. We had the pleasure of checking it out this weekend in New York and there was so much to see,  hear, and touch!

A full day at the Creators Project was just barely enough to see  everything. Below we have highlighted some of our favorite techie exhibits.

Six-Forty by Four-Eighty

Individual glowing block pixels lit up the room while being rearranged on a magnetic wall. The block’s color reacts to touch and communicate with each other to provide an interactive and picturesque experience. If we touch a purple block with one hand then we can change the color of any  other block to purple just by touching it! The blocks use our bodies as conductors to transmit digital information.

Six-Forty by Four-Eighty was produced by Zigelbaum and Coelho in the United States.  For more info, pictures, and videos go to http://zigelbaumcoelho.com/six-forty-by-four-eighty/

Super Pong

How do you reinvent Pong and make it fun enough for 2011 standards? Super Pong. This foosball-like interpretation of pong supports up to eight people around adigital display table (like Microsoft Surface). Each player has a dial controller that moves their [digital] players up and  down. Since it’s a digital display, there are fun animations when players score, as demonstrated by an animation of Pele’s famous moves. SuperUber has brought “minimalistic aesthetics of classic video games to a contemporary audience”

For more info, pictures, and videos see http://www.superuber.com/platform/super-pong/

Freefall Highscore

1.814 seconds, that’s the highscore. This is how long your smartphone or iPod touch has to be literally free falling in order to break the high score. While your phone is dropping, mid-air, free-fall, it’s recording audio and video as well as timing the fall by use of the accelerometer. 1.814 seconds doesn’t sound so high, does it? You’d be surprised.

“If your phone survives an epic fall, the reward isn’t just an adrenaline rush. The player–created protective case becomes a performative sculpture. The acrophobic videos shot by the app during the fall are trophies, proof that players took a risk and pulled it off. These videos are uploaded to YouTube and shared to the internet at large; the chance to go viral by leaning out a twentieth–story window only eggs players on.”

To be clear: Yes, this is the only app that encourages you to put your device in extreme danger. This might be why Apple has rejected it from  the iPhone app store. It’s currently available in the Android marketplace or for Jailbroken iPhones and iPods.

To see the highscore videos and learn more see freefallhighscore.com


This was the first time we’ve seen a “Meditation” wall, but we’re hoping  it’s not our last. The wall displays three red projections with circles that ripple outward and and respond to our movements. “The entrancing  visuals and soothing sound help quiet the mind and redirect our attention inward towards a meditative state.”

Meditation is by Minha Yang of Korea, to see videos and learn more go to 21dish.com/

Life on Mars Revisited

David Bowie’s “Life on Mars” Music Video has been recut by Director Barney Clay and rock photographer Mick Rock to immerse the viewer in a 360 degree music video. Viewers are situated in a room with four video walls, while the video and music plays all around. This was a music video like never before.

For videos and more info on Life on Mars see http://thecreatorsproject.com/creators/mick-rock-and-barney-clay


Soil is a multi-paneled see-saw floor. It’s composed of sixty floors and it makes you feel as if you’re walking on water due to the ingenious see-saw like design. The platform is made of a reflective aluminum that projects a water-like reflection on to the walls. Soil supported up to fifteen people on the platform at a time.

Soil was designed by Cantoni and Crescenti, for more pictures, videos, and info see http://www.cantoni-crescenti.com.br/


What happens when you hack an XBOX motion sensing Kinect? You can make robots imitate your every move, as Team DisKinect has demonstrated. While the Robot wasn’t able to keep up with all of our moves, it was fun having it try. The robot puppet is four feet and suspended in mid-air.

For more info, pictures, and videos see http://diskinect.wordpress.com/

We recommend taking a look at TheCreatorsProject.com to see and learn more about all of the exciting projects. Look out for  it in the future at a location near you, it’s free! The next exhibition will be on October 29th in Paris, France.

Additional Pictures

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