Oberon Design iPad 2 Cover Review

Oberon Design is not your ordinary iPad Case manufacturer. This company started out making artistic leather and pewter goods, with a specialty in leather craft for book covers. Recently, they began delving into leather iPad covers, and their rich history in leather art shines through with these cases. Unlike so many of the iPad and iPad 2 cases on the market today that more or less look alike, Oberon Design’s iPad covers are both beautiful and unique with their intricate, yet somewhat old school leather artistry.

The company lets you choose from quite a large selection of designs and patterns and colors, ranging from the red Asian inspired River Garden to the brown Creekbed Maple, and the Bold Celtic cover. Some of their leather color choices include red, blue, green, brown, purple and black. We chose to review the red Cloud Dragon iPad 2 Cover. Each case is made to order. For iPad 2 users, Oberon also lets you specify whether or not you want a camera lens hole on your cover.

The case itself is beautiful to behold in person. It helps transform the iPad into less of a cold gadget that everyone and your aunt’s uncle owns, into something more artistic and masterful. The quality of the leather is excellent, and super high quality. You’ll want to run your fingers over its intricate patterns. The leather cover is also thick an sturdy, and will protect your iPad quite well from the elements.

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The inside flap of the cover holds both a large pocket, and a small pocket for holding business or I.D. cards. the front flap is also lined with a wool felt material to keep the iPad’s display clean and safe. Meanwhile, the iPad is held securely in place with three leather corner straps and a 4th strap made of a bungee cord. A bungee cord is also used to hold the case closed as it wraps snugly across the Britannia Pewter button which matches the cover’s design. The case itself weighs 15 oz and does add a bit of heft. The cover can also works as a typing stand, and a viewing stand.

Overall, priced at $130, Oberon Design’s iPad 2 Covers are not cheap, but they are worth it. The Cloud Dragon iPad 2 Cover that we reviewed is one of the most beautiful and well made iPad cases we have ever seen. The case is exquisitely made, unique, customizable, and it totally pops, while also offering adequate protection for your precious tablet. This could be a great holiday gift for an iPad owner in your life. It’s sure to impress them so much more so than the typical iPad cases you’ll find at the Apple store.

The Good: Exquisitely designed, high quality leather, customizable, provides ample protection from bumps and knocks

The Bad: No built-in magnet, pricey