A New Hope for Star Wars VHS Tapes – Hard Drives!

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, people used clunky, rectangular pieces of plastic to watch movies by putting them into a equally clunky whirring metal machines. Oh wait, that was this galaxy. And it wasn’t that long ago, though it does seem like it was, doesn’t it? There’s no denying that now, VHS tapes are a relic of the past. That doesn’t mean they’re useless, though. We just need to repurpose them, like this excellent offering on Etsy does.

The VHS tapes in question are gutted, and outfitted with an external hard drive of 320 GB, 500 GB, 640 GB, or 750 GB. If you get one, you’ll get the converted VHS tape and the original VHS jacket, in this case that of the original Star Wars. It’s great if you want an incognito hard drive, or are fixing to give a nod to bygone media technology. The Star Wars 750 GB Hard Drive is selling now for about $130. Just when you thought it was finished, the VHS strikes back!












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