Geneva Sound System Model XS is a Chic Portable Wireless Speaker

It’s about time Geneva released some new audio goodies. This latest speaker isn’t an update to their popular Model S, Model M, etc. iPod/iPhone docks. Instead the Geneva Sound System Model XS is a new designer twist on the standard alarm clock radio. Available in black, red and white, the Model XS has a clamshell design that flips open to give a lush sound that only Geneva could deliver.  The entire device is collapsible making it easy for travel and slipping into a briefcase or carry-on.

The Model XS consists of a digital amplifier, stereo speakers, and a bass response below 80hz. There is also a built-in FM tuner, along with Bluetooth connectivity so devices like the iPhone and other smartphones and tablets can stream music to it. Finally, there is a 3.5 mm line-in cable included to attach external sound sources.

The Geneva Model XS is available for pre-order for $249.95. That is a bit on the pricey side for a portable speaker, but you can feel confident that these guys know what they are doing.