Talk to the World with Spreaker From Your Android Smartphone

Spreaker aims to be for radio what YouTube is for television – opening up the medium to everyone by way of social networking and ease of use. Spreaker allows users to create audio clips, which can be instantly uploaded to all major social networking sites, like Twitter and Facebook. Like the best ideas, it’s a simple one that is almost infinitely malleable. Now, it’s available in app form, on the Android Market for free. Using the app, everything from full on radio shows (users can choose to listen to snippets at any time as podcasts) to snarky quips about news stories posted to your Twitter account are fair game. Your imagination is the limit for this one. You can even get the radio show feel by adding sound effects and background music.

Within Spreaker, you can set up your own channel or subscribe to others’. You can also use GPS functionality to key into content that is being produced on Spreaker in your local area. If you do go the radio show route, you can even have a live chat with your listeners, or enable call-ins via Skype.

You can sign up for either a free account or one of two paid pro accounts. The free account has ads in-stream and on your profile, while the Gold account cuts out the profile ads. The Platinum account cuts out ads altogether.  There are limits on live recording sessions, though – 30 minutes, 3 hours, and 5 hours for the free, Gold, and Platinum accounts, respectively. The Gold account costs $19.90 per month, while the Platinum account costs $49.90. The Android app is available now for free. Time to let the world hear that golden radio voice of yours!


  1. I had a look at the mobile app for broadcasting but it doesn’t let you use the audio clips you have stored on your Spreaker account.