Samsung Unveils and Redefines Smart TV

Until now, “Smart TV” meant an Internet-capable TV with some apps. Here, at CES 2012, Samsung has just redesigned the concept with the 2012 Smart TVs. They explain it as “TVs that recognize and respond to you, connect your family in and out of the home, and offer amazing new content options personalized to your lifestyle and needs.”

Unlike ever before, you’ll be able to interact with your TV with voice control, motion control, and even facial recognition. Samsung makes this possible with a discreet camera at the top of each Smart TV as well as dual microphones.

The Samsung Smart TV can very well be a game changer for the television industry as we know it. It integrates a powerful dual-core processor which makes the possibilities almost endless. Say “Hi” to your TV to turn it on, tell it to open a web browser, and ask it to Google whatever you want. Or gather the entire family to video call Grandma in Florida. Hand gestures include the ability to increase the volume just by pointing your hand. There are educational and fitness apps already developed that can record your progress every step of the way.

The Samsung Smart TV features will be available on their flagship line of 2012 TVs. The 8000 series LED TV was particularly nice with it’s ultra-thin form factor and almost non-existent bezel. Samsung considers the new Smart TVs to be “future-proof” for years to come thanks to its powerful technology that allows it to receive future software updates.

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