SolarKindle Lighted Cover Makes Nighttime Reading Easier

For all of those who love reading under the covers at night, the SolarKindle Lighted Cover could become a welcome companion. This lightweight Kindle case comes with a solar panel and LED light for convenient nighttime reading.

The solar panel on the cover stores energy when left out in sunlight. That power can be transferred to the device, though battery life is admittedly not a weakness of the Kindle. What is useful is that that stored up solar energy can power the LED reading light attached to the case, making for a very useful nighttime companion that doesn’t require batteries and, if fully charged, can easily last throughout the night. The case also manages to remain slim, so holding onto the Kindle while reading shouldn’t be any less comfortable.

The SolarKindle Lighted Cover is on sale now for £79.99, or about $128, on Firebox.

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