Focal Locus Workstation Looks Silly, Promises Better Posture

It’s no secret that more and more of us are finding ourselves planted in front of a computer for hours on end during the workday. Anyone who has to sit down for hours straight can tell you that it gets to be a pain in the butt – literally. Unfortunately, that pain can also lead to some nasty health effects, including bad posture.

The Focal Locus Workstation, currently being shown off at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair in New York, looks to reimagine the 21st century workplace in a healthier and possibly more comfortable way. When using it, you’ll be halfway between standing and sitting, which should allow for a freer range of movement. The people behind the Focal Locus Workstation claim that this more upright posture will help to increase concentration, as well. I’m not sure if that will be true for everyone, but one thing is for certain – it’ll be a whole lot better for your circulation, which is good news for those of you who cringe every time you hear the words “deep vein thrombosis.”