Intel Takes Us On a Trip Down Gadget Memory Lane

The forefathers of the Ultrabook. They must be very proud…

There is no denying it, but we get crazy nostalgic around old gadgets. For this reason, a recent Intel Ultrabook event really captured our attention. At the event, Intel was busy showing off their latest 3rd generation of Ultrabooks. These Ivy Bridge powered systems are quite powerful for such little guys. And it’s really easy to forget how far computing has advanced over the years. So to put the power of the Ultrabook into perspective, Intel decorated the event with all sorts of geektastic classics.

One Ultrabook stand was busy showing off how the on-board graphics inside the latest gen of Ultrabooks is powerful enough to play games like Diablo III and Fifa 2012. As a matter of fact, in comparison to a three year old Core 2 Duo laptop, the 3rd generation Ultrabook is up to 30x as fast when it comes to video processing, and up-to 19x as fast when it comes to 3D graphics. Below the Ultrabooks in the photo are a stash of classic games and game consoles. It’s pretty crazy when you consider that in terms of graphical prowress, the Ultrabook is capable of performing better as a video game system than pretty much all of of its predecessors sitting below it.

Want to edit and render 3D video on the fly? The latest Ultrabooks are designed to make editing and publishing video, and 3D video a faster experience. And wow, we had forgotten that camcorders were ever that big!

Remember when shopping for sunglasses meant actually going to the shop and trying the glasses on? Well now with Augmented Reality, you can use your Ultrabook’s web cam to try on glasses online virtually, at designers like Ray-Ban.

What lies ahead

Back at CES we eyed the Lenovo Yoga Ultrabook convertible, which essentially merges the concept of a tablet and Ultrabook into a single form-factor. And now with Windows 8 around the corner, Intel says that the Yoga concept will finally become available, as will more and more Ultrabooks with touchscreens start to show up.