Keitai Wanko the Interactive Puppy Responds to a Toy Smartphone

Today in robotic pets from Japan news, we have Keitai Wanko, a plush puppy that responds to the presence of a biscuit and a faux smartphone with several commands.

Wanko is a little less active than a lot of his robotic pet pals – he doesn’t actually move around. Using the biscuit and phone in different ways will only elicit sounds from the plush puppy. Perhaps there’s even too many sound effects – I can’t imagine what, exactly, it means to have over 300 puppy sound effects, but there it is. One thing’s for sure, no matter how high tech this little guy is, Ted would not hang around with this plush.

Keitai Wanko is selling now from Japan Trend Shop for $85 – $63 for the dog and $22 for shipping. The puppy comes with biscuit and smartphone props. Wanko comes in brown and pink, and runs on two AA batteries.

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