SOL Republic deadmau5 Headphones Review

Finally, the human version of the SOL Republic deadmau5 Tracks HD headphones have arrived. You may recognize these as the infamous headphones for cats, or from when Michael Phelps wore them in between swims at the 2012 Olympics. And while they may have looked impressive on Professor Meowingtons, they look even better on me. After some time with our deadmau5 headphones review model, we think they sound pretty great, too.

The deadmau5 headphones are a result of a collaboration between deadmau5 himself, Joshua Davis, and SOL Republic. What came out of this collaborative project was a unique and striking pair of headphones like no other in this saturated headphone marketplace. While so many headphone brands aim to look like the next guy, SOL and deadmau5 have thankfully achieved the exact opposite without jacking up the price just for a name and a fancy paint job.

SOL Republic has hit all the sweet spots with this joint effort. At the very core of the deadmau5 Tracks HD headphones is the original SOL Republic Tracks HD headphones. Nothing much has changed there in regards to the audio technology. On our deadmau5 headphones review model, the sound is still as crisp and clear as ever, delivering unparalleled balance and warmth for this price point. The ear cups are supple and comfy and the headband can sit comfortably on your head for long periods of time.

The ear cups and headband can still be completely separated from each other to allow listeners to mix and match headbands and create their own unique style. And, with the arrival of the SOL Republic deadmau5 headphones, that style has been pretty much determined for you. In essence, SOL has applied an impressive silk-screened pattern onto their Tracks HD while still keeping the excellent FlexTech headband durability they’ve become known for. We bent and twisted our deadmau5 headphones review model to our hearts’ content, and the SOL Republic deadmau5 headphones stood up to the challenge. There was no cracking or stress marks in the paint that showed any signs of the design being affected by our tests.


For those who already have a pair of SOL Tracks HD, you may want to skip getting these headphones because they are essentially the same thing, just with a new flashy paint job—that is unless of course, you are diehard deadmau5 fan. However, for those who have yet to give SOL Republic headphones a chance, the deadmau5 headphones are well worth a shot. They are an out of the box pair of headphones that doesn’t follow the pack. Without a doubt, you will become an honorary mau5head once you slip these on. The SOL Republic deadmau5 headphones retail for $119.95 and are available now.

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The Good: A smart collaboration that doesn’t result in an overpriced pair of headphones, balanced sound, comfortable to wear, unique deadmau5 design will grab anyone’s attention, stays true to the original Tracks HD audio technology

The Bad: Headband padding seems to be coming away from the headband on our deadmau5 headphones review model, still not a fan of the dual cable for the ear cups, wired remote only works well with iOS devices

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  1. the shape is very unique and the color is owsome the features are owsome and easy to understand the sound is better.

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