Americans Ready To Go Into Debt for iPhone 5 Launch

It would seem that, when it comes to Apple, some Americans are having a difficult time learning lessons in financial responsibility.

Now, the research data that follows needs a disclaimer – 100 percent of the 1,909 people surveyed said they owned at least one Apple product and were thinking about buying the iPhone 5. Needless to say, this bit of research (as it is with just about any piece of research done for marketing purposes) probably isn’t the most scientifically sound. Even still, the ridiculous findings to come make a statement all on their own.

The first thing the survey, conducted by the website couponcodes4u.com, found was that people are shelling out massive amounts of money for Apple products. 34 percent of those surveyed revealed that they had put down over $1,000 in the last six months of Apple branded products. 42 percent said they bought over two Apple products in the past year, with 29 percent saying they had only purchased one. A more sober five percent said they only buy a new Apple product “when they can afford it.”

Here’s where things really go off the rails, though. Despite 81 percent of those surveyed saying that they could not afford to buy the latest Apple products, 51 percent said they “used a credit card or got out a loan” in order to swoop down on a day one Apple release.

I’m sorry.

A loan?!

Look, I’m no advocate of buying what is essentially a luxury item on credit, but pulling out the plastic pales in comparison to the idea of taking out a loan to buy a gadget. I love tech and all, but there is a line that needs to be drawn, and if I am standing on that line, I cannot see taking out a loan. It is far past the horizon.

But, despite rampant spending using loans and credit being one of the many cogs in the grand wheel of economic collapse, many are yet undeterred when it comes to the call of Apple. Of all respondents, 53 percent said that not only were they considering buying an iPhone 5, but that they were likely to. Those 1,909 people were then asked if they could afford the new phone, while also counting any increases in monthly wireless fees. 71 percent said no.

When asked why they were so bent on being up-to-date, the most popular answer was the fear of feeling left out, followed by a large number saying they just liked being on the cutting edge. 39 percent were avowed Apple lovers.

But really, above all else, I think the part that amazes me most about this whole situation is that the iPhone 5 hasn’t even been announced yet. Yes, odds are that in two days, Apple will announce it to the world. It will probably be an impressive piece of technology. But, for all the rumors surrounding the device, we still don’t actually know what it is yet, and Apple has always been a source of surprises, both good and bad. It is truly a testament to the long-standing greatness of Apple’s marketing team that they have managed to convince so many people to plunge themselves (possibly deeper) into debt to buy a device without saying so much as a word about it.

Via CouponCodes4U.com


  1. Americans are already in debt. You know how many people who are on food stamps, Medicaid, and Welfare come into the ED and play on their iPhone or Android phone? Probably over 90%.