NexPhone is a Tablet, a Laptop, and an Android Smartphone

The NexPhone Project is hoping to be your next go-to gadget for everything. NexPhone has been designed to cut the clutter and reduce the gadgets you have around your house by becoming the ultimate smart device you will ever need. Nexphone plans on becoming the primary PC to view and edit documents while also hoping to be the smartest cell phone you will ever own. This is attained by utilizing the NexLaptop accessory. The NexMonitor docks will essentially turn the NexPhone into a tablet, allowing users to run Smartphone applications in a larger screen. While this device may not destroy the competition, it is actually a smart concept for those who are tired of carrying or owning multiple devices that quickly depreciate when the new hot thing arrives on the market. So what OS will this ‘incredible’ device be utilizing? The Ubuntu for Android software. So that means Android fanboys and fangirls have yet another unique device to show-off.

“With NexPhone, we are rethinking what a smartphone can be in the future and creating a new category of consumer electronic device that combines the power of a tablet and PC with the latest smartphone features, while eliminating consumers’ need for additional computers” he added.

There is no word on pricing yet, but hopefully it actually does come to market and doesn’t become a victim of vaporware.

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  1. Omg I want!! Androidd for life baby!! So much better then stupid ipones bc ipones r a waste of money!