Griffin Minds Your Business With iOS Point of Sale Devices

Inspired by Apple Store Geniuses, businesses everywhere have been switching over in droves to iOS devices with point of sale accessories, restaurants at the forefront of such. Griffin’s Kiosk Retail is a magnetic card reader with TDES encryption and DUKPT key management. It houses the iPad 2 or 3rd gen in an impact resistant case, through which the all the cables are routed.

Sale system providers ShopKeep POS are the brains behind the POSiOS in this exclusive launch. It is designed to be an overall comprehensive management system allowing one to swipe hundreds of cards a day as well as manage inventory,, reports, customer needs and whatnot. POSiOS’s specially designed app, Restaurant Butler provides restaurant staff and easy to use fully customizable cash register ran via iPad. A fascinating feature here is the ability to send orders to the kitchen in multiple languages, place orders tableside, or use multiple devices at one time. If you are really gutsy as a restaurant you could even use Restaurant Butler’s self ordering feature and remote table reservations. Available in February.

Also on Griffin’s line up is AirStrap Retail. It protects the iPad with contoured grips while allowing complete access to the iPad’s controls and ports, and also allowing structural support for the iDynamo card reader, making for error free swiping, without undue stress on the iPad and its connector. The strap allows for ease of one handed use. Available this month for $49.99.