iRobot’s Mirra 530 Pool Cleaning Robot Dives Deep For Dirt

We’re in the middle of winter, but like any good tech company, iRobot is already thinking about the future.

One of iRobot’s big announcements at CES this year will be the brand-new summer-friendly Mirra 530, a pool-cleaning robot that will attack everything from sticks and hair to algae. It’s also a self-contained unit, with a pump, vacuum, and filter, and it has iAdapt technology for deep cleaning.

Anyone who has a pool has probably had their own pool cleaning robot for a very long time, but the Mirra 530 looks to improve on a few design annoyances of some of the other models and brands. It can intelligently analyze the shape of your pool, and chart a more efficient course. That means it’ll be running for less time than an average pool bot, which is great, because pool bots can turn out to make quite a hefty difference on monthly electricity bills.

The Mirra can also climb stairs and, thanks to that intelligence, won’t get tangled up with its own cord and stuck in the middle of the pool somewhere, a situation better known to pool owners as the worst. The tank is top-loaded and easy to pull out, so you can clean the Mirra 530 quickly once its cycle is done.

If the Mirra 530 measures up to the rest of iRobot’s products, we should be looking at a winner in the world of pool cleaning. We’ll see more of the Mirra at CES in a few days, but for now, here’s a helpful video showing off a little of what the new robot can do.