Stir Kinetic Desk Packs in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

hero_shot_desk_1As it turns out, sitting at work for eight hours a day is not so good for you. And so, we’ve had the steady increase of standing desks in the market. Then, we moved onto flex desks, which can be converted to standing desks from sitting desks and vice versa. Now, we have the Stir Kinetic Desk, a flex desk that adds in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi compatibility, along with sensors and data storage.

Stir is controlled entirely with the built-in touch panel. Conversion from sitting desk to standing desk and back again requires only a double tap anywhere on that panel. But, that’s not all the panel is there for. You can swipe the panel to reveal statistics about your work habits – how much time you spend sitting, and how much time you spend standing. Thanks to a thermal sensor, the desk will stop recording statistics when you leave your desk to take a break, and will pick up again once you return. All of those statistics can be seen over the course of months or a year. There’s even an adaptive element – the desk will learnabout your habits, and will give you subtle suggestions (softly bobbing up and down) when it’s time to stand up again, if you wish. There’s also a tracker for calories burned, but that figures to be a little more tenuous in terms of real accuracy. You’ll at least get a good idea of how much more calories you’re burning on average by standing over sitting.

The Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, for now, is mostly for getting software updates for the table. But, the people behind Stir haven’t ruled out the possibility of separate peripherals eventually being made to work with their new table. Also hidden under the tabletop are eight AC outlets and four USB ports.

The table itself is certainly nice and sturdy enough – it’s made of maple, with a birch core. You can get Stir in white or espresso for tabletop colors, and you can choose between one of four underside colors – green, orange, blue, and black. The Stir Kinetic Desk will go for $3,890 once it becomes available.


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