Sega Genesis Rises Again as a Battery Pack

71p0YGQdZvL._SL1000_It’s been far too long since we had brand new Sega hardware. No, sadly, the Genesis factory isn’t getting back into the console game, but we can remember better times with these Sega-inspired smartphone cases from Tommo.

There are plenty of styles of cases here, but the standouts are the ones done up to actually look like old Sega consoles and handhelds. There are Genesis, Game Gear, and Saturn cases like that, although I’m honestly not 100% sure who would throw down for a Saturn case over a Genesis case. There’s also a Dreamcast case, but it’s not designed to actually look like the console, so demerits for that. If you’re a purist, there’s a Mega Drive case, as well as one for the Japanese version of the Saturn. That Genesis controller case is looking pretty nice, too.

All of the cases are for iPhone 5/5S, and come with screen protectors. There are also some external power packs you can check out, too. If you’re interested in getting one for yourself, you’ll have to contact Tommo directly using their website. The power packs you can find on Amazon for $70.