ElementCase VaporDock for iPhone 5/5S Review

You can’t get much more premium than ElementCase when it comes to iPhone accessories. They build an array of high tech luxury cases for iPhone; unfortunately they don’t fit in your run-of-the-mill iPhone dock. No fear, ElementCase now sells an iPhone 5 Dock, the VaporDock, that’s just as lavish and grand looking as their cases.

The ElementCase VaporDock isn’t only compatible with iPhones wearing an ElementCase, there’s enough room and support for any slender iPhone case. There’s even swappable supports depending on the case (or au natural appearance) you’re rocking.

VaporDock is a hunk of beautifully machined aluminum anodized in a number of matte finishes. When we say hunk of aluminum, we mean it. It feels like a paperweight but looks infinitely more attractive sitting on your desk or nightstand. On the front there appears to be two blocks of speaker holes, this is actually a passive amplifier designed to funnel and boost your phone’s speaker. It also allows sound in so you can use the microphone. Your music may not sound better, but it does sound a little louder.

To avoid complications (we think), ElementCase does not include a lightning cable. Instead you’ll need to use an official Apple Lightning Cable (boo). There’s a “cable management system” which allows you to feed the cord into the dock so it runs out the back. The cable is secured with a mount that’s screwed in. On the bottom of the dock are non-skid rubber feet. On the top of the dock, behind the docking well, is a sunken felt-covered area — we have yet to figure out what this is. It’s either a place to store very small items, screws, a flash drive, a memory card? Or, perhaps it’s to wipe down a greasy finger?

Unless you have the most extravagant desk of all time, the Vapor Dock will undoubtedly become a focal point and a source of compliments and inquiry. People are easily impressed by the dashing and high tech appearance of VaporDock. If you own an ElementCase, you’ll be very happy to finally have a dock that will sync and charge your iPhone. It’s especially convenient for checking notifications as your phone is upright, and always in sight. Other than not including a lightning cable, our only real gripe is that it doesn’t stick to the surface; it can lift when you pull your phone out.

The ElementCase VaporDock is now available for iPhone 5/5S (and also available for iPhone 4) in Black, Silver, Gold, Fire, Magenta, Gun Metal, Mocha, Patriot Blue, Royal Purple, Tangerine, and Ultra Violet. Retailing for $100, the VaporDock is priced as premium as it looks and feels. Maybe a gold ElementCase is just what your gold iPhone deserves.

The Good: Colors, Fits ElementCases and other slender cases, Elegant high-tech design, Passive speaker amplification
The Bad: Expensive, No Lightning Cable included, Doesn’t stick to surface