.Luxury Becomes the New Go-To Domain for the 1%

.Luxury Domain

.Luxury DomainYou’ve probably heard about how the future (and present) will feature new, descriptive domain names, like .biz, .youtube, or, obviously, .xxx. Well, the luxury industry is getting their own domain, too, and it’s every bit as garish and impractical as luxury ought to be.

At first, I was going to give the people behind .luxury a break for passing on the simpler .lux, because I assumed that domain already belonged to Luxembourg (in which case I guess .lux would have already been a luxury domain, anyway). But no! Luxembourg has .lu, apparently. As far as I know, .lux is just hanging out, inexplicably unused.

Instead, we have the new domain name of .luxury, which will sooner or later be the preferred appendage for sites belonging to Chanel, Versace, Gucci, and all their friends. Such trademark holders got first dibs on the new domain names, but now the application process is open to everyone. From now until May 10, anyone will be able to try to secure domain names they think might be highly sought after in the future. So, mark this day down for future reference, people. It’s the only time luxury and squatting will ever go together.

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